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American Airlines Customer Service

American Airlines Customer Service
American Airlines Customer Service

American airlines customer service is the need of every customer who flies with American airlines or American eagles. American airlines are providing safe transportation, cargo and various services to their passengers. They are in service since 1926 and in these 90 years of service, it’s unable to stay in business without fine customer service. Customers can call to American Airlines Customer Service department for the solution of different problems regarding there journey. For this reason, customers can call to this company on the following number:


Security, Safety, Comfort and the affordable fare is every passenger need. So that American Airlines is providing everything to its passengers on board. If they have any problem regarding their flight they call to customer service agents. In case you want special arrangements and if you have any question then Following are the main queries of passengers about their journey:

  • Cancellation, diversion and delay of any flight
  • Liability and delivery of baggage
  • Refunds of Tickets
  • Over sale flights
  • Availability of lowest fares
  • In case of extra delay looking after customer need
  • Look after customer accommodation in special cases
  • Other policies regarding their travelling and not limited to that.

American Airlines Customer Service has deployed a strong level of the IVR system. If you call customer service department IVR will answer all of your questions. So that if you want to talk to live person on call then follow the procedure.

You call on toll-free number 800-433-7300 then press 00. After this you say “Agent” then IVR system will ask you different questions regarding your query but in response to every question you say “Agent”. Then after the response of every question with “Agent” IVR system will transfer your call to Live Person.

American Airlines Customer Service is open within USA and Canada as per following schedule

Customer Service NumberLanguageHours
800-633-3711Spanish24 Hours
800-433-7300 English 24 Hours
866-824-8717 Portuguese6 A.M. – 7 P.M.
800-756-8613French7 A.M. – 6 P.M.

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