Home Lawyers Berg Injury Lawyers Modesto Contact Number For Free Consultation

Berg Injury Lawyers Modesto Contact Number For Free Consultation

Berg Injury Lawyers Modesto

Berg Injury Lawyers Modesto Law Office

Phone: (209) 575-2812

Fax: (209) 924-8695

1317 Oakdale Rd. Suite 500
Modesto, CA 95355

Berg Injury Lawyers Alameda Law Office

Phone: (510) 570-1904

Fax: (510) 523-8851

2440 Santa Clara Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501

Berg Injury Lawyers Fresno Law Office

Phone: (559) 203-1962

Fax: (559) 228-3323

1616 West Shaw Ave. Suite B-1
Fresno, CA 93711

Berg Injury Lawyers Sacramento Law Office

Phone: (916) 546-5133

Fax: (916) 641-2629

2277 Watt Avenue, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95825

Berg Injury Lawyers Oakland & San Jose Law Office

Phone: (866) 520-6175

Berg Injury Lawyers 24/7 Contact Number For Free Consultation

Phone: (866) 410-6626

Berg Injury Lawyers Contact Number For Media:

Phone: (510) 570-1904

Fax: (510) 523-8851

Berg Injury Lawyers Contact Email Id:


Official Website: Berg Injury Lawyers

William Berg is an American lawyer working in California since 1980. So that it has 40 years of experience in the field of personal injury. Regarding personal injury law, he said that “Personal injury law can often get into the very basics of right and wrong, justice versus injustice. Berg injury lawyers are representing the cases of their clients in various types of cases Brain injuries, Car accidents, Dog bites, Motorcycle accidents, Slip and fall accidents, Wrongful deaths, Product liability claims, And much more.

Berg Injury Lawyers firm is working on the basis of No Win No Fee. If you hire any lawyer to represent your cases in court. There is no guarantee that he will represent your case in court effectively and you can’t get the compensation that you deserve. So that this firm offers you No Win No Fee.

Berg Injury Lawyers also work at your location if you can’t come to their office. They also do not charge fees for damaged vehicle repairing and they help clients to get appointments with doctors.

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