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Challenges Of Customer Service

Challenges Of Customer Service
Challenges Of Customer Service
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Today under the customer service module we will talk about the challenges of customer service. Well, customer service is never easy and to understand that it takes a lot of research and a lot of understanding of how to make your customers happy. Well in this particular module we will understand how and what the challenges of customer service really are and how to overcome those challenges to make your customers happy and satisfied.

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Well on the agenda today we will talk about six challenges of customer service. We will also talk about what are the elements of success in customer service. Ten barriers to excellent customer service. So what exactly are these barriers and obstacles you will talk about them? The power of perception and understanding expectations that our customers might have from you as an organization. Well, are we excited to teach you in this particular module on challenges of customer service so let’s get started?

Well, friends, we have understood that customer service is really the sum total of what an organization does to meet a customer’s expectation and produce customer satisfaction. It is not just about one thing. It is everything together with a sum total of everything that you do for your customers. Which can leave them happy and satisfied and really satisfied with the entire work that you have done?

So let’s understand what these six challenges of customer service are. The first one is delivering a consistent customer experience across all channels. It is very important not to give good customer service only. Once you have to make it a constant practice and that is what is a challenge for most organizations. Your team needs to be in constant communion and work collaboratively on new marketing and customer support initiatives. You should not take a backseat ever to customer service try to do as much as you can to keep your customers in always constant communication.

The second challenge is choosing the right technology to create better experiences for your customers. Well, friends, today technology is everywhere be it with regard to mobile apps or social media platforms. Customers are always looking at you through your social media platforms as well. And hence it becomes important that everyone needs to be working together to find the right technology. That can enhance the customer experience from the first interaction through to the sales, through to the support and into the accounting or the final billing process. Well, customer experience is the entire gamut of space. It is just not making your customer happy just once and hence everybody needs to work together. What is the latest or the right technology to get your customers to be happy?

The third challenge which a lot of people face is creating a customer-first culture. Well, customers come first that is about it you cannot come or rather nobody else comes before a customer. So for an organization, it becomes very imperative to do everything which revolves around your customer. So that you can make your customers happy and satisfied in a sense a customer-first culture is formed through the values of your business.

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Embodies fourth is understanding your customer’s expectations and knowing how to exceed them. Well if you make your customers happy. They are only satisfied if you delight your customers. That is when your customers will come back to you again and again and again try to stay ahead of your competitor by implementing new initiatives. Based on the feedback that your customers have given you whenever your customer gives you feedback. It is your chance to improve yourself and let us not forget that the fifth challenge is systemising a customer feedback process.

Customer satisfaction surveys quarterly business reviews post-interaction surveys and comment boxes on the website as well as on the mobile and in the store. Well friends these are different ways and formats through which you can make sure that your customer feedback process is synchronized. Now once you get this feedback you need to take action on those feedback from your customers.

The sixth and final challenge is finding skilled customer experience professionals that can read a strategy well without the right expertise. You can miss the opportunities to enhance your customer experience. So always ensure that you have the right kind of people. Who has the attitude and the mentality to give the best of service only to your customers?

Well, friends let’s look at what are the elements of success. What really goes into making sure that your customers are handled very very fantastically. Well, certain rules of success or elements of success are having a lot of patience. Now patience is the key to having a great customer service experience. Let us not lose our patience keeping patience is very important respecting. Well, respect is something that you give and receive as well. So give out as much respect as you can to your customers.

Understanding your customers everybody likes being understood. So go out of your way and understand your customer positivity. Well, give a positive experience to your customers. Nobody likes being around negative people and negative service. So try to have a positive experience for your customer responses. Make sure that you get back to your customer. When you tell them that we will get back to you don’t over promise and under deliver. It’s very important that you respond well to your customers.

I cannot specify how important is to listen to your customers. Don’t hear your customers listen to your customers and don’t listen to reply listen to your customers and hence. These are very very important aspects of elements for the success of a customer.

Well, friends let’s now talk about certain barriers which come in the way of giving excellent customer service. These are obstacles which you need to clear away. Let’s look at them the first one is the failure to resolve a complaint at the very first point of contact as soon as you get a complaint from a customer. You need to act upon it not pass the blame or the buck to somebody else in your company.

So that is one barrier to customers or rather a barrier to excellent customer service. Second is realizing that vow is out and easy is in how many times have you taken the easy and the shortcut rather than really taking the long cut and giving a vow of customer service. We always like to find the easy way out don’t third is the failure to listen to your customers. As I mentioned before don’t hear your customers listen to your customers not defining what constitutes our complaint effectively. It means that if you get a complaint from a customer do understand whether it’s a query a complaint or just a concern of the customer restricting the channel that customers can use to make contact. Let’s try and open all means of way of communication with your customers. There should not be any restrictions on that.

The sixth one is introducing the human touch whenever needed. Seventh responding to customers’ complaints via social media. Well, friends, social media is a hit today anybody who doesn’t like your experience will go to your social media platform beats or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. And they’re likely to post over there which can have a negative influence on your brand hence. It’s important to take note of that.

The eighth one is identifying the problem or the cause and fixing it immediately do not let it go just. When you get some problem make sure that you fix it right there and then.

Ninth is treating new customers differently from existing customers. Well, everybody is to be treated in the same way.

The tenth is using customer feedback to drive improvements. It’s important whatever feedback. You get to take action on those feedbacks that will help you improve well.

Let’s look at the power of perception now that perception is the way you think. It has come from a Latin word which is known as perception. Well, it is an organization and identification and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the presented information or the environment. Well, friends perception is all about how we look at the world to people looking at the same glass. Which has half you know which is half-filled with water. Somebody would say it’s half full and somebody would say it’s a half-empty glass.

It’s all about how you look at a situation from your own perception. Well in customer service a perception half has a lot of power. Special courtesies that can set your offerings apart from your competitors. Saying your simple words like, please, Thank you. I apologize these are courtesies which you should never ever forget in customer service. Prescriptions for boosting quality in perception well try and go out of your way to understand. What more you can give to your customers in terms of quality. Your ability to listen and handle complaints quickly and diplomatically. Whenever you get a complaint how would you treat that is all about perception clear prompt and courteous communication. That can we consistent details so hence it becomes important to go out of your way and really solve your customer’s queries and questions.

We’re friends understanding the expectations of the customers is very important. What are our expectations really as well company as a brand? Let us understand excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction must stand or rather must start with understanding. What are our customer expectations you need to know? Who your customers are what they want everything about them. When measuring customer satisfaction.

Companies generally ask the customer whether their product or service has met or exceeded customer expectations. It is not only good to satisfy your customer. It is also better to delight your customers. So that they leave with a WoW experience well that is all about understanding expectations. Well, friends that bring us to the end of this particular module on challenges in customer service. I do hope you have enjoyed reading this particular module. Keep reading more articles coming your way.

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