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Contact Denizbank Customer Service Number

Denizbank Customer Service Number
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Contact Denizbank Customer Service Phone Number

Contact Denizbank Customer Service Phone Number: 444 0 800

Contact Denizbank Customer Care Phone Number For Banking Queries:

0850 222 0 800

Contact Denizbank Customer Support Phone Number For Deniz private assistance:

0850 222 6 935

Contact Denizbank Helpline Email Id: bilgi@denizbank.com

Official Website: Denizbank


One of the largest independent private banks in Turkey, DenizBank A.S., was founded in 1938 and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. The bank was established by the government to fund the Turkish maritime industry. However, the bank merged with Emlakbank shortly after the government decided in 1992 to merge state-owned banks. In 1997, the DenizBank license was sold from its three subsidiary auctions. The bank was bought by Zorlu Holding for $ 70 million. The bank worked for a while in a hotel room, then moved on to its headquarters in Karakoy. In the same year, the bank split its operations by opening thirteen branches. The bank became the subject of a comprehensive restructuring program, within the framework by which new company ownership was created. In 1999 DenizBank introduced online banking services. DenizBank’s first public offering was listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange in 2004. DenizBank also established and acquired banks in northern Cyprus, Austria, and Russia.

DenizBank currently has a comprehensive network of 751 branches. About 708 bank branches are located throughout Turkey, with the remaining 43 remainings in Moscow, Bahrain, Cyprus, Austria, and Germany. The bank operates 11.8 million customers with 5,900 ATMs and employs 14,100 people. The bank has established many products and services for individuals and legal entities. Banking services include commercial banking, foreign payments, private banks, commercial banks, agricultural banks, corporate banks, commercial banks, and government funds. Popular banking products include treasury loans, government bonds, government bonds, European bonds, corporate bonds, pensions, foreign trade and commerce, joint ventures, cash flows, stocks, special fund creation, and portfolio management. Bank deposit products include a deposit requirement account, a mortgage account, a gold account, a deposit set, a deposit account, a multi-deposit deposit account, and a deposit account. In addition to these services, the bank also offers rentals, private rides, purchases, and passes.

The insurance services offered by the bank include sales insurance, commercial insurance, agricultural insurance, trade insurance, and business insurance. Other popular insurance products include personal accident insurance, health insurance, longevity insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and property. The DenizBank website is full of resources about products, features, and benefits. New customers can also request an account or other products directly from the website. You can find a branch near you to open a new account, credit card, bank statement, or other methods. The banking support service can be contacted by phone or email.

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