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Coping With Challenging Customers

Coping With Challenging Customers
Coping With Challenging Customers
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Today here in this article I want to talk to you about coping with challenging customers. Challenging customer is one of the tough things about running a business. It’s something that everyone is gonna deal with the right challenging customers. It is some tough clients and that’s for good reason you know this is the ministry that’s got a terrible reputation.

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Friends If you are working in a customer service role in any field. Then various times you are coping with challenging customers who are abusive, angry, aggressive, unreasonable and also even reasonable customers. Who are simply stressed out in their lives? It is a challenge for you. How can you make these deals easier and less stressful for both of you and your customer?

You will show the challenging customers that you understand your problem. If you think that the customer is right in their anger, then you should tell the customer that you’re on their side. Say things like “you’re right” or “I’m going to prioritize this issue for you” and show them that you are their advocate within the company.

You should quickly apologize even if you feel that it’s not your fault. Approximately every customer feels easy when you take responsibility for some of the blame. But you should keep in mind one thing that you do not apologize too much and be present in the process.

Set expectations If a customer’s rude, simply let challenging customers know that you will not respond to further inquiries until they change the way they talk to you. With the help of this method, you can reduce the customers threaten as well as abuse level when they want to get help from the customer service.

Remember one thing during coping with challenging customers conversation. That you do not blame each other even if the fault is on the customer’s side. Your topmost priority is to keep the customer happy. So never indulge in the blame game, even if the customer starts it. You motivate the customer about problem solution instead of the blame game.

Escalate with challenging customers, it’s okay. Escalating an issue to your manager or lead just helps because the customers feel like they’re being taken more seriously. It will not count as a failure from your side. Simply its means that you sufficiently look after the matter and solved the problem, even when it’s not your duty to solve that problem.

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There is also a good method which is Change of agents with challenging customers. It will reset a conversation with a new agent and it can help to ease a customer’s anger. Before you pass the customer to a new agent must brief each and everything to the new agent happened in past. It will reduce the confusion between the customer and the new agent.

Ensure the customers about your skills and build the trust between you and the customer that you can solve the problem. Sometimes a few customers try to think that you might not solve their problem. Some might hold a high position in their company and would not want to talk to anybody less than a vice president. But if you are the best person available to help the customer quickly, immediately establish that you are equal and that you are qualified to solve the problem.

Train yourself in skills like anger management, stress management, and negotiation that are important to successfully manage difficult customers.

You should face the customer at front food and don’t shy while coping with challenging customers. The relationship forged with a customer after a difficult conversation is much stronger than the ones forged after a nice conversation. Your most frustrated customers are the best source of learning.

Customers are just waiting for you to screw up in the second. You do it validates all of challenging customers concerns that they can’t trust contractors than that. This is going to go south and people are just worried that. That’s gonna happen and the first mistake happens now. They’re on edge alright so that’s part of the reason is and that’s part of the reason. We’ve got a bad reputation customers are waiting for something to screw up. But the other thing is people don’t have good expectations.

There are always challenging customers who have different expectations. It’s going to be impossible to please every single client every single time. But you can actually please every single client every single time in this article we’re gonna talk about how to do that.

So the first thing is you need to catch challenging customers early. So this is a good rule that we’d go by is a job starts in the seconds. We get through the job to deal with challenging customers there is a concern from the customer. They call us because businessmen showed up late or they notice that yeah a concern about the business. Then it can sort about the prep work or they had any little concern.

The first issue comes up we go on high alert when feeling challenging customers. You got to understand that customers will always give you one chance alright. There if there’s the first mistake how you respond to that first mistake issue or concern dictates. Whether or not they need to be concerned or not see if they bring up one issue to you and you say what all people will say.

All contractors say I’ll take care of that if they have to call you a second time because you didn’t take care of it. You’re toast because they told they called they said hey there’s this concern you said hey. I’ll take care of it then they walk out son. They’re like it’s still not the way. I asked about it they no longer trust you. They no longer can count on you to oversee the job. they now are taking in the management the job into their own hands and this is a problem. This is a problem for a lot of reasons first it’s a problem because customers don’t want to do that. They don’t want to manage the job that’s why they hired you.

The second problem is they’re gonna look way closer at this job now and as we all know everyone’s had that anyone has been in the business. A while has had that incredibly picky client the one that’s on their hands and knees looking up under every little board in there. They’re using binoculars to look at the house I’ve had it you know. If you’re in business long enough you’re gonna have a customer. That operates that way and it’s fine there’s nothing wrong with them doing that. That’s our mistake and that’s the first thing that you need to realize is the first time there’s an issue you’ve got to catch a problem client early before.

It truly becomes a problem client in the first sign of a problem client is. They have one concern one but there are no second chances. If you don’t handle the job to their expectations. After the first concern if they have to call you a second time to tell you about a second problem you’re done. You’re gonna be in trouble on that job. That is now a problem client. So how do we do that? So we catch it early right. The first time there’s an issue of concern we catch it. The second thing is we don’t let them ever call us. A second time they’re never gonna call me and complain a second time about the job. How am I gonna do that well.

I am gonna go way above and beyond on this job and you’re gonna have to learn this. The hard way unfortunately even though you’re reading this article and not you’re hearing and watching me. Say this and I’m telling you to go above and beyond the first time. There’s a concern an issue goes above and beyond. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go above and beyond for you. You’re gonna think. You went above and beyond and you went to you know normally. I live way above and beyond but the customer’s expectations were higher. So you fell short the second time now you’re in trouble and so the next time you’re like. Now I’m gonna go to higher. That’s above and beyond and then you’re gonna have a client who expected higher.

What’s going to happen is? You’re going to eventually find out. How picky steamer can really be and that becomes you. New above and beyond you start going that far with every single client. See when there’s a problem client. I attacked the job like I’m the pickiest client in the world. I am in fact all Walker clients around the house and they’ll be pointing out their concerns to me and I’ll get down on my hands and knees. I’ll be like you know. What this? This wasn’t done right either. I’m gonna add that to the list and all of a sudden.

They start seeing me being pickier than they are and they’re almost like well. We did it. It’s okay you don’t. You don’t need to do that you don’t need to make the guys do that and all of a sudden. They’re like do this all over this and they trust me now and that’s how you need to respond the first time. I’ve got a problem with a job. I’m gonna make sure. I beat my customer to the punch every single time. I’m never gonna tell them something. Until I’ve inspected it myself. I’m not going to tell them the job’s done. Until I’ve walked around and I’ve looked for anything that they could call us out on and I’m gonna make sure. It’s perfect I’m gonna go so far above and beyond that. There can’t possibly be a problem with our concern.

So I’m gonna assume the worst like I said I’m not gonna. So, I’m gonna assume this is the pickiest client. I’m never gonna happen. I’m gonna assume that with every single client because here’s what happens if you assume that with everything single client. Every single client will be satisfied. every single morning and that’s how we do it. Look we have clients get upset with our production manager. And then I have to work with our lead production managers and get set with him and then get up to me or been owners and we always make it right by them.

Because you always can the first time but if you know the reason. It got to him is because they screwed up twice. And it got to him because I really lead production or other products. He screwed over twice you cannot screw up twice you get one screw-up and then you’re gonna assume the worse.

You’re gonna go way above and beyond because you don’t get second chances so one of the thing. We need to talk about and by the way, most clients 90% of clients that are problem clients are not problem clients. They’re wonderful people they just expected a better job and we didn’t deliver and even if you as the contractor know that. You’re gonna get the job done. You’re gonna get it done right you’re gonna get it done well. You know that doesn’t make them feel any better. The only thing that makes your customers feel better is. When they’re too taken care of and you go above and beyond. And their concerns are listened to heard addressed and they feel like they are the centre of the universe look, my customers they get.

When they get upset or there’s an issue or concern. They have the experience that they are more important than my personal life. I’m gonna go above and beyond to a crazy degree to make sure. They’re satisfied because I don’t get a second chance. I know beaten that in but you’ve got to get this beat in because you’re gonna hear this and you’re still gonna screw it up. I know because I’ve had a million people do this in screwed up. Now, what about having a manipulative client alright because there are people out there.

Who are manipulative clients? We’re gonna use? What everything they can to get money back. Get money off okay. So there are two things I gotta say about manipulative clients. The first thing is if they’re manipulating you. And they’re lying you can’t. You can’t out-argue them. They’re gonna stick to their lie and the more you resist the more ruthless. Then they’re going to become so you’ve got to realize that in business. You’re gonna run into some minute flip people and they’re gonna take advantage of you. Look we’ve had a few jobs work we just got stiffed on payment completely and we could have gone and leaned.

There are manipulative people out there. So here’s what you do you treat them like they’re not manipulative. You treat them like everything. They’re saying is valid and we’re gonna go above and beyond it. We’re gonna make it right even if they’re after making outrageous claims. And they’re being I’m just gonna go and I’m gonna make it right. Now in some situations. You need to stand your ground.

If it’s an absurd amount of money. And if you haven’t made any mistakes. If they’re just being crazy manipulative you can go the route of standing your ground. And we just did that recently with one of my business partners. We did absolutely nothing wrong the job is spectacular. We did exactly as delivered. They had outrageous expectations and we said no you won’t stay a holy grant. We’re taking you to small claims court and they didn’t pay us. So we said okay well. We’ll see in court then that’s fine like we did everything right and if you really want to go throughout fine two days later.

We got a check in the mail for the full amount. So you can only stand your ground though. If you have a rock. So I’ll be claiming you need to be willing to not get pushed around by people. But that’s why it’s so important that you don’t that you can’t generally go above and beyond. So that people don’t have ammunition to use against you to manipulate you now.

The other way and the toughest way that people are going to manipulate you is with their online reviews and this is just unacceptable. It’s not cool and so you have to protect your online reputation. One really bad review can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over a couple of years. You want to make sure that doesn’t happen look losing one job could cost me a thousand to $1,200 $1,500 in gross profit. If I lose 10 jobs one bad review can cost me 15k. I gotta do whatever I can to not get bad reviews and people will use that against you and that’s part of the game.

So you just got to deal with those ones. You just gotta suck it up and do what you got to do and get off the job as quick as you can. And get your focus your time and your attention on jobs that make you money and that’s the advice. I got for you about manipulative clients. Now one more thing I want to mention.

I got a good friend. He’s uh he’s in the bed. He’s in the business and he’s so sick and tired of three things. Number one manipulative clients who are using your online reviews against you. It’s basically extortion like hey we’re gonna leave bad reviews. We’re gonna do this and knock your company and destroy your reputation. If you don’t give me this much money off or something there’s this horrible thing to do.

The second thing is people who don’t show up to interviews. And people who are just waste the time and time wasters you know for particularly people interviewing for the company.

Number three of its contractors who screw other contractors. It’s insane how often I hear contractors. Who we’re working for contractors and didn’t get paid at all or they just didn’t get paid in full? We finished a job a couple of years ago and they just didn’t pay us the last six grand. Then we called him called and called him someone closed collections. We did everything we possibly could. He’s never got paid $6,000 and that’s outrageous. So he’s looking to start something called real reviews. Where contractors can leave reviews on contractors on employees and our customers.

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