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Customer Service Problem Solving

Customer Service Problem Solving
Customer Service Problem Solving

Today under the customer service module we will talk about customer service problem-solving. Well if you are a customer service representative it becomes very important you know how to handle the customer’s problem. Let us see what is there on the agenda.

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Today we will talk about what is customer service problem-solving? Why is customer service problem-solving important? Creativity and problem-solving problems as opportunities confronting conflicting situations. Problem-solving process and barriers to problem-solving and decision making. Importance of also following up in problem-solving. So let’s get started on this particular chapter. So friends what are problem-solving as I mentioned before.

If you are in the customer service industry. It becomes very important for you to understand customer service problem-solving. How to handle problems? So it is a skill which requires the customer service representative to know. How to deal with the conflict being able to pacify the irate customer through your tone through the voice and also being genuinely empathetic in order to get your message across to someone. None of us likes to talk to irate customers and customers who are very angry and difficult right. But if you know how to handle them well you are able to get on your way of customer service excellence. So why problem-solving.

Well, different situations arrive in customer service problem-solving. It is important to understand that your customers may be disappointed with the product that they have purchased. Maybe the product was in delivered yet or it may have arrived in a broken condition. Regardless of the situation or reason why they are contacting customer support. The agenda and motivation are only one. So, they need the problem to be solved. They do not want to listen to all the jazz and all the SOPs and procedures and processes. Because They have come to you with the problem and they need that problem to be solved.

It is as simple as that so creativity and customer service problem-solving go hand in hand. When you come to a problem with a particular customer you need to think in creative means. In order to how to help them solve that particular problem. So you have to assess the situation what is it about the situation. Which is making your customers angry exploring the vision. What exactly do they want what is the end result or the goal of that particular thing formulating the solutions? That will help you to give the best of solutions to them. Formulating a plan of how do you go about giving a solution.

So having a plan of action is very sensual as a part of problem-solving and finally you need to implement that plan. And the solution that you have thought in order to help them solve the problem. So, friends, it is important to be very very creative in order to go through this entire cycle of problem-solving.

Well I would like to say that say it you know there’s a person known as safe Gordon and he said it is a very beautiful manner. That the best time to do great customer service is. When a customer is upset treat problems like opportunities do not get fearful or think negative about a problem. Think of it as this way that a problem has come to you. You have to solve the problem and that is an opportunity in disguise questions are the answers. Where a customer’s problem is an opportunity for you to retain our relationship.

The moment you get a problematic customer who is looking for a solution for that particular problem. It is your opportunity to wow them with a customer delight factor. Go deep into the problem by meaning that what I’m saying is that do not look at a problem on a surface level. Go deep into the problem and understand the root cause of that problem. Only when you do that as a customer service representative. You’ll be eradicating the entire problem from the root rather than looking at a problem at this level.

Well, take a tour which means take a tour of one of your prospectives relations or rather locations before. You are presenting your ideas and solutions to the corporate try to understand that. If you give them a holistic approach to why you are able to help them. Solve the problem that will only happen. When you take a tour and understand what exactly could be the cause of that particular problem. Well, friends confronting conflict is something which is a very important part of a customer service representative and when we say conflict resolution tips for excellent customer service.

Whenever there is a conflict don’t think of it in a negative manner conflict can also be positive. How do you help solve that particular conflict here? It allows the customers to talk then if you have an angry customer. Who is bursting with so much of negativity about your product or service? Just allow them to talk the more. They went out their frustrations the better it is for you because once everything is out of them. You’ll be able to talk to them in a better manner.

So allow your customers to talk the second is showing that you care using a lot of empathy and compassion as a customer service representative is the most critically important point for your job. So sure that you are really concerned about their problems by your body language and your voice and tone. The third is using the correct tone.

Well don’t smile laugh or mock an upset customer can weigh empathy with a soft tone. The more angry your customer is and if you use the kind of tone that we’d really put them off that can take them to a different tangent altogether. However, it’s important to use a polite and soft tone. When you’re dealing with a customer. Who’s angry be as neutral as you can do not offer your opinion agree or disagree with what the customer is saying. Offer something which is empathetic support and work to solve their problem effectively.

We do not take sides of your customer or the company just be neutral and natural. The fifth one is don’t react well that can be difficult. When you’re facing a customer who’s really really angry you want to shout and scream. However, it’s important not to react the more you react the more it can irritate an irate customer. Hence it’s important not to react.

Sixth is the focus at times we might lose focus because we are only looking at the problem as a problem rather looks for a solution to the problem. Don’t focus on the problem focus on finding a solution to that particular problem. The next one is to use verbal softeners now. When I say softeners these kinds of words or phrases can really dilute a negative customer or an irate customer or an upset customer.

Seventh is let’s see what these positive words and phrases are used words like likely typically. Perhaps sometimes possibly occasionally with customers. Who might not respond well to categorical words like always or never? These kinds of words can really put off for customers like using we always do that or we never do that. Rather use positive words like this which will help them to dilute the angle.

The eighth one agrees well it means fight something to agree with the customer about something that you and he both agree on that makes a customer feel that you are on their side rather than on the company’s side. So always find common ground or a common area. Where you can agree with your customer.

Well, friends, it is important to understand how do you solve a problem. There is a process to solve the problem. So let’s take a look at that firstly you need to identify the problem understand what the problem is all about and identify it and try to think about it. Understanding the customer’s point of view becomes very important and varying you can add empathy and compassion by unless finding things from their point of view. Find a solution definitely. When there is a problem you want to find a solution don’t focus on the problem focus on the solution.

Next is fix the problem and follow up on the solution. Well, friends, the last point is the most important point because of the fact that you solve the problem. But if you do not follow up somewhere the customer will not be satisfied. So after the problem is solved take about a week or ten days time and follow it up by making sure that they are happy with the service. Which brings us to the last point which is following up and the importance of follow up in a problem-solving situation. Well, following up is to make sure that everything is going well with your customer communicates that.

You care about people long-term satisfaction understanding that they are satisfied with your product and services by following up with them. A follow-up call or it can even be a simple email or a simple message to your customer. Saying are they ok with the service of the product? It shouldn’t nice necessarily be about selling another product or service is just a check-in to see that. The already sold product or service is providing the happiness that you had intended it to provide. So follow up call is definitely not about trying to sell them something else but rather it is about just picking up a phone and asking. So were you happy or satisfied with the cust the product or the service that we have provided.

Well, friends all of these things that we have taught today in problem-solving is very very essential and important. If you are into the customer service industry do understand and do learn from these things and use it in your day to day scenarios. I do hope you have enjoyed listening to us as much as. We have enjoyed teaching you this particular module thank you very much for reading this article.

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