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Cyber Lex Customer Service Number

CyberLex Customer Service Number
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Cyber Lex Customer Service Call Center Toll-Free Number

Cyber Lex Customer Service Call Center Toll Free Number

+39 06 39754846

Cyber Lex Customer Support Number For Rome:

Tel: +39 06 39754846
Fax: +39 06 39736076

Cyber Lex Customer Support Number For Milan

Tel: +39 02 69005600
Fax: +39 02 69005600

Cyber Lex Customer Care Number For London

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Tel: +44 2080686408
Fax +44 2071003970

Cyber Lex Helpline Number Alboraya (Valencia): +34 960130009

Cyber Lex Call Center Cannes (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)

Fax: +39 06 39736076

Official Website: https://cyberlex.net


Cyber ​​Lex is an Italian online service company for the protection of personal rights on the Internet. The company is consists of IT professionals, researchers, lawyers, and developers of new solutions for the safeguard of digital rights, intellectual property rights, and privacy. The main purpose of this company is to exercising people’s rights, the legality of the internet, and offering legal protections useful for the cause. Claiming personal rights on the internet is not easy at all times. Many people contact CyberLex for legal assistance regarding the various types of privacy, internet security, copyrights and they work and study the cases and propose the best solutions to their customers.

In the current era of the internet, many people are facing various types of issues regarding their personnel life like bad news, personal information, photo, etc. Moreover, different businessmen and companies are facing the issues of news, copyright, business information issued without their consent and they want to handle them legally. If people want to remove that content from the internet then they contact the Cyber Lex company for assistance. It helps the customer to remove personal information from google, deindexing content from various search engine that contains inapproperiate content, right to be forgotten, delete information from other sites that contain sensetive information and availble in google searches, delete photos from google, maintain online reputation, etc.

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