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Digi Customer Service Number

Digi Customer Service Number
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Digi Customer Service Number: +6 016 221 1800

Digi Customer Service Number Hours: 24/7

Reasons of Call on the Digi Customer Care Number

Digi Malaysia Telecommunication is the leading mobile communication service provider in Malaysia. So that it offers many services and products to its customers like mobile devices, Digi prepaid, Digi postpaid, Digi top-up, Digi store, Digi iPhone plan, etc. So that many people want to talk on the Digi helpline to solve their problems if they found. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • People call for the general information
  • How do I track my Digi online orders?
  • How can customers check their bills?
  • Customer calls for Digi postpaid plan
  • Customer want to know about Digi prepaid plan
  • Customer want to know about order Delivery schedule
  • The customer wants the Digi near me bill payment options
  • People call for the address change for delivery
  • Customer calls on Digi center for Digi broadband plan
  • People ask for How to setup Buddyz for Digi Prepaid LiVE
  • Customer calls on the Digi helpline number for Digi plan
  • Customer want to know about the Digi phone plan for Digi SMS service
  • Customer want to know how does MyDigi Rewards tiers work
  • Customer calls for the speed test Digi service
  • Customer Want to know about the switching to Digi / Port-in request failed
  • People want to ask How to use International Roaming
  • Customer call Digi center for Digi data plan
  • People want to know about the Digi coverage
  • People ask for Digi voice package
  • Customer calls for the Digi business plan
  • Digi related other issues

Digi Telecommunication

Digi Telecommunication is also called Digi.com Berhad. It is the Telenor brand in Malaysia and it is a mobile communication service provider in the country. It was established in 1995 and its headquarters is located in D’House, Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. It also offers many products to its customers like Telecommunication Services, Mobile Services, and Cable Television. It has a few subsidiaries like Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd, Pay By Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

Digi Telecommunication is registered at Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd. It is also listed on the stock exchange and part of the Telenor group that is a global telecommunications provider. DIGI’s mobile communications operations are carried out by the 100% subsidiary DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. DiGi started operations in May 1995 with the launch of its fully digital GSM 1800 services, the first digital cellular service in Malaysia. In the past five years, DiGi’s sales have more than doubled to around RM6.0 billion. with a subscriber base of 10.0 million. DiGi is the newest 3G broadband provider and the first in the country to provide an HSPA network with 14.4 Mbps high-speed packet access. DiGi aims to build a networked Malaysia by providing all of its customers with a true internet connection.

Official Website: Digi Telecommunication

There are various other Digi related queries asked on the internet and some of them are given below:

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