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Ding Fastener Customer Service Number

Ding Fastener Customer Service Number
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Ding Fastener Customer Service Call Center Contact Helpline Phone Number

Ding Fastener Customer Service Call Center Contact Helpline Phone Number:


Ding Fastener Customer Care Fax Number: 0086-573-86221433

Ding Fastener Customer Service Email: contact@dingfasteners.com

Ding Fastener Customer Support Email Id For Marketing:


Ding Fastener Call Center Number For Sales Department:


Ding Fastener Helpline Email Id For Sales Department:


Ding Fastener Customer Care Email For After-Sale Services:


Ding Fastener Corporate Office Address For Mail:

No. 51 Qinfeng Road,
Qinshan Industry Park,
Haiyan Zhejiang, China

Official Website: https://www.dingfastener.com/

Reasons For Call On The Ding Fastener Customer Care Call Center Contact Phone Number And Email Id

Ding Fastener has provided different types of contact information for the support of its customers. They have provided the Ding Fastener customer service contact phone number, fax, email id, and physical address for mail. So that if people find any type of problem they contact the Ding Fastener customer care call center through any medium. People call on the Ding Fastener customer support number for various types of reasons and some of the reasons are general information, standards available and used by the company, shipment information, delivery procedures, order information, payment issues, refund issues, etc.

Ding Fastener

Ding Fastener is a China-based bolt fastener company established in 2002. It is offering many fastener products to its customers worldwide. Ding Fastener has more than 4000 sqm warehouse in the company that has stored more than 10,000 types of bolts. It is following various standards like German standard, American standard, Japanese standard, Australian standard, British standard, national standard, etc. This company offers many types of products to their customers include The products mainly include all kinds of hexagon nuts, welding nuts, nylon nuts, and hexagon bolts, carriage bolts, threaded rods, flange nuts, thin nuts, drilling screws, square nuts, washer, etc. It has almost 20 years of experience in the field of fasteners and it helps the construction workers to complete their jobs within a specified period of time.

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