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eBay Customer Service Phone Number

ebay Customer Service Number
ebay Customer Service Number
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I’m going to tell you how to contact eBay customer service phone number. I’ve had many people ask me how to get a hold of them. So I’m just going to take a minute to write a real quick article showing you how to contact eBay. eBay customers have multiple problems regarding eBay services. So that eBay has developed a very user-friendly help and contact portal for customer help. There are different ways to contact eBay support centre but eBay customer service phone number is more efficient.

Buyers and sellers have a different type of problems so they want solutions for their problems after calling eBay customer services number.

eBay Customer Services Number: 866-305-3229

Whenever you need whether it’s for buying or selling alright so obviously go to eBay support you’ve logged into your account. Up here in the top, you will see help and contact click that. There are articles on help but you’re trying to get their phone numbers so scroll all the way down you have two options call us or have let’s call you. You will just say you want to call them directly you have an issue so click calls us. Then there are different topics there are you is this call regarding selling by your account are you having shipping and tracking issues. OR you have an issue of the return in a refund or fees and invoices.

Let’s say you’re a seller or whatever your situation is select on so what’s like selling and they’ll give you more sub listings. Then right alright you need an upgrade in the listing maybe you’re a new seller do you have questions. About fees about getting paid for item payments on hold shipping your item. How to return a request as a seller this might be a good one as a seller. Because we will have return issues help a bar with an item they didn’t receive a fill and eBay decision a pillar defect or cancel the transaction. Let’s click on how to handle a return request as a seller all right. Now here we go so here is the eBay customer service number it’s 866-305-3229. Then you when you call this number they’ll ask you for this number and this number will let them know in what.

That area your call is related to so this number will be different depending on the reason you’re calling. But the customer service number is an 866-305-3229 but go through the whole process once again. Let’s go through it quickly go to eBay log in help in contact scroll to the bottom call us. What is it about let’s do it different one maybe it’s about buying maybe you’re a buyer. You have an issue say we want to get a return and that we want to return anyone. Here we go notice that the phone number is the same so here’s your eBay customer service number an 866-305-3229. Notice the number down here has changed so you do need to go through this process although they’ll have a better idea of what you need help with.

eBay customer service phone number is available 24/7 to help eBay customers. I hope this article has helped you get the phone number so you can call them to get your primary problem.

Additional Support During Corona Virus Emergency

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eBay is providing additional support for the eBay customers during coronavirus COVID-19 emergency. They are providing additional support for both buyers and sellers. Most of the stores are closed around the world due to COVID-19 lockdown in the countries worldwide. But online sellers and buyers are available to meet the necessities of life. So eBay has the responsibility to meet the security and health safety requirements of both parties.

Contact with eBay Resolution Center

If the eBay customers found any problem between buyers and sellers then customers can contact eBay resolution centre. The first step find the eBay customer resolution centre number. In customer support section click on the telephone icon and eBay customer services, number 866-540-3229 with passcode will have appeared on the page. The passcode has expiry time. Moreover, eBay is using Paypal gateway so you can resolve your issue regarding Paypal payment via call on Paypal resolution centre.

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Shopping From eBay As Guest

eBay allows the customer to shop from eBay with less than $5000.00 amount from eBay as a guest customer. Guest customers are those who are not registered with eBay as eBay member. eBay also provides support to guest customers for their problems during the period of shopping, shipment and delivery of the item.

eBay Introduction

eBay is one of the leading online auction and shopping website owned by Ebay Inc. Ebay Inc is a USA based multinational company located in California. It connects customers to customers and customers to business owners/companies. This platform is free for buyers but sellers will be charged for listings and goods sales. This is also based on a classified listing site, online auctions with buy now feature and multi-vendor website. It provides equal opportunities for different people from different ways of life like businessmen, individual customers, individual businessmen or companies. eBay has 1.5 billion live listings around the world with 190 markets.

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