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Excellence In Customer Service

Excellence In Customer Service
Excellence In Customer Service
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Today under the customer service module. We will talk about excellence in customer service. Well, friends today everyone accepts a rather expects excellence. Nobody wants a good or a neutral or average. Everybody would like to get the best or excellent in whatever field they are in right. So today in this module we will talk about how in the heart in order to give excellent customer service. You need to have an excellence mindset as well. Let’s get started on this.

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Well on the agenda today we will talk about understanding what exactly is excellence in customer service? How to provide excellence in customer service? Excellence to your world-class customers, rewards of customer excellence, the importance of speed of service, wait time and its effect on customers. Well, excellence is the goal today as we mentioned before.

Nobody would want just an average service gone are the times where and people expect only small from you and you give them that much. Today people expect more and more out of you, out of your brand, your company and your organization beat. Whatever you’re selling to the customer either it’s a product or a service. Its order or rather it’s very essential to get excellence is your goal.

So excellent customer service involves meeting and surpassing expectation. Try to give the customer more than what he or she expects and that way you will build your brand value. Well, how do you get started on giving excellent customer service? It’s important before you get started. You need to have everything in place. For example, you need to know your product or service. The worst thing could be when a customer comes to you and you do not have that much of knowledge about the product or the service that you are selling.

So try to know everything that you can about their product to be friendly to your customers. Nobody would like to interact with the staff who is not friendly. An employee of the company needs to ensure that you’re as friendly as you can to your customer. You need to say thank you.

Well, customers like to be appreciated whenever they have brought your product or service and hence saying a simple thank you. Really makes a world-class different train your staff. Well if your staff is not trained on your product and service are not trained on how to give excellent customer service. Your customers will never ever stay with your brand. They would definitely leave and go to some other brand. Who might be your competitor? So it’s important to train your staff. So that they only give one kind of service and that is excellence in customer service.

The next thing you need to do in order to give excellent customer service is to show respect. Well if you only give respect you will get respect and customers like to be respected. So go ahead and respect your customers. Customers need to listen to them. Well if you are talking to your customer give them your hundred percent don’t hear your customers listen to your customer. There is a difference between hearing and listening. Well, do not just listen to listen. Listen to also reply to your customers to be responsive.

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A customer expects you to respond to him. Whatever time of the day that he or she has a query or a problem. So try to be as responsive and as reliable as you can to your customers. The last is asking for feedback. Well, the way a company approaches a customer with regards to asking them for feedback. Whenever they have bought your product or service will help you as a brand to improve your product or service.

So always ask for feedback. The feedback can be positive feedback or feedback can be negative in either switch case. Try to implement your feedback which has come from a customer. Well, friends of course if you are giving excellent customer service. You will definitely expect rewards right. So what kind of rewards will you get in order when you give excellent customer service.

Well, the first reward you get is your customers routine with you meaning they will never leave you for another brand. So there you have your customers retention. Second is you get a better branding. Well, everybody, today works on making sure that their brand stands out in the market. So in order to do that. Your excellent customer service will give you better branding. Which will ensure that you stay in the market for a long long period of time?

The thought is a growth spurt definitely if you give excellent in customer service you will grow as an organization and as brand sustainability. You will definitely be there in the market for a long time and sustained and consistency is the key to excellent customer service. Online repetition will definitely grow and that is what every customer today wants. They want an online presence and your customer excellence will definitely help you to have a good online repetition street credit.

Well in order to people have a word-of-mouth publicity free advertising is. What would be a definite reward for excellence in customer service? Well, friends now we are going to talk about what is the speed or rather the importance of speed on service today. Everybody expects things to happen really really quickly. They don’t have the time and the patience which people had earlier. Today nobody has that kind of patience to wait how important is speed in customer service.

Let’s look at that well a definite second conversation with a customer and speedy resolution in happier people everywhere. You are happy that you can help someone and your customers are happy that they are being hot and taken care of in an efficient manner. So as soon as you get a complaint from your customer be responsive be reliant and try to ensure that you get back to them within a quick period of turnaround time. Which is called as “TAT”. Which is turn around time.

Well, let’s ensure and understand the importance of speed if you are not fast. Your competitors will definitely be and they are looking to get customers from you. So if you are able to give them a good speed limit. Your competitors will never have your customers audience expect it. Today as I mentioned before everybody wants a quick service and hence your audience expect it and it is only good. If you are able to give it to them the faster you learn is the faster you evolve.

Today everything is happening so fast around us. Change is the only constant in life and hence the faster you learn the faster you grow. It creates a culture of speed. Well as a brand you get the repetition that you are very quick in your customer service excellence. And that is what is the importance of speed of service. Well, speed as a mind-frame as I mentioned before. Everybody wants things in a very quick turnaround time.

So let’s look at speed as a mind-frame. It eliminates the processes or steps. Well, a company or a brand might have different SOPs or standard operating procedures and processes. so try to eliminate the ones which are outdated reorder your processes or steps. It’s very essential that you as a customer you wouldn’t want to go through a lot of processes and steps in order to have your complaint resolved. So upgrade your technology today.

Everything happens at the click of a button right so upgrade your technology. Nobody wants paperwork to do people want smart talk rather than hard work. So upgrade your technology minimize the information gathering as much as possible. Try to quickly get back to your customers to maximize your information which is already gathered. Whatever information is there try to work on that ASAP. Ensure adequacy of resources.

Today everybody or rather everyone as a customer expects you to have the right kind of resources in order to give excellent customer service. Make speed a cultural priority and that’s why we say if as a brand you show to your customer that you will quickly get back to them. You have established a culture of speed as an organization.

Friends let’s understand what is the effect of speed on a customer. Well, it becomes important that let’s understand how to respect your customers time. Basically, if your customer has waited for one, two and three seconds after that. A customer doesn’t have the patience to wait any longer.

It shows that 57% of your online consumers will abandon a site. They will leave your site because they are made to wait for four or five seconds. So it becomes important that you minimize the time frame. Well, research actually shows that 80% of the people will never return back. Which is disaster information for your brand? Because if 80% of the people don’t return back to your website. You have lost out on those consumers. Who might have done a lot of business with you? Hence it becomes important to respect your consumers or your customers time.

Well, statistics also show what is the relevance of the difference between satisfaction based on the time spent waiting to reach an agent. So we have two graphs over your one is the wait time in minutes and one is the satisfaction scores.

Customers Wait Time Chart. Satisfaction based on time spent. Waiting to reach an Agent.
Customer Wait Time

Well, friends as you have seen the way the time frame increases. Your customer satisfaction is bound to get lower and lower scores that means the faster you come back to your customer. The speed is very essential if you take more time. Your customer satisfaction dips and which we have seen in the earlier slide. It results in two customers leaving you and not coming back to you for your product and services. Hence it becomes important to respect that time and make sure that you are giving them a prompt service.

Well, friends that bring us to the end of this particular module on how to really give excellence in customer service. So, the customer is the king he is a guest and we need to ensure that we are giving only a world-class experience to him. I hope you have enjoyed listening to this module on excellence in customer service. Please do feel free to give in your feedback your comments to us. It will definitely help us improve our service better.

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