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Gmail Usage Tips And Tricks

Gmail Tips And Tricks
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Nowadays Gmail usage is very common in the internet world but professional people must know Gmail usage tips and tricks. During the early days of the Internet, Hotmail and Yahoo were less than the default email addresses of most people around the world. They were free to use and very popular. So that after Google came back into the market and after dominating the search engine market, it introduced Gmail.

It seemed to be another successful product because even though you were invited in the first place. Many were eager to sign up and try to find invitations wherever they could be found. One of Gmail’s suggestions is to provide users with more space compared to other platforms. Which quickly attract users with larger inboxes.

Over the years, Gmail has become the preferred email platform used by the general public, schools, and workplaces. If you are using Gmail for personal or business purposes, here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your Google email platform.

Multiple User Accounts

If you happen to have multiple Gmail accounts, perhaps one for business and one, you can actually combine them all so that switching in your inbox becomes a piece of cake. Just click your profile picture in the top right corner of Gmail, and then click “Add another account”.

Once signed in to another account, you can click your profile picture and choose which account you want to access and it will open in a new tab.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts play an important role in saving time while using any type of software. That is why you often see professionals who use hotkeys for photo or video editing software instead of clicking on the interface. Gmail gives users the same functionality through their own hotkeys. To get all the different hotkeys Gmail has to offer, simply login to your account and press Shift +? to pull a cheat sheet.

Third-Party Email Accounts

Gmail is the email platform of Google so that it uses your Gmail.com domain. But you can use third-party accounts with Gmail. This includes other email services such as Yahoo, Cloud, or Outlook. In case you know the details of the POP3 email account. Then you can also add default domains with the help of this process. First go to your Gmail settings then under “Accounts and Import”, click “Add a postal account” and follow the given instructions on this tab.

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Emails Right-Click

While Gmail is available on the web, it actually supports its right-click menu. This means that even if you use Chrome, Safari, Edge, and so on, the right-clicking email will allow you to interact with it using Gmail settings itself. This will also allow you to archive the message, move it, move it, delete it, or label it without opening the message itself.

Manage Your Emails With Labels

Gmail usage tips and tricks have one important tip that is called labels. If you receive a lot of emails, labeling them can make it easier to organize them. Just right-click the email and select “Label as” or open the email and click the label button and select the label you want. Labels are similar to folders and you can set a different color for each label to make it easier to differentiate between other emails.

Undo Send Message

If you dismissed an email immediately and forgot to include an email attachment or if you changed your mind or sent it to the wrong address, don’t worry. Whenever you send an email, you will receive a small notification in the lower-left corner of the app that lets you undo it. This time is usually set to 5 seconds by default, but you can change it.

Click the tire wheel icon, click See All Settings. Go to the General tab, then scroll down, then search for “Undo Send” and change the duration. You will be able to select a 5, 10, 20, or 30 second delay.

Block Spam Emails

We are all subject to spam emails, whether they are from commercial websites that send spam or promotional emails. Everyone does not like to visit these types of spam emails. So that, to block the spam email follow the process, first open the email, then click on the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the email and then click on “Block”. Now whenever you receive emails from this address, they will be automatically sent to your spam folder.

Send an Email From a Different Address

It says you are in your Gmail account but remember that you need to turn off work email. You can switch your email accounts then so that you can set different addresses to choose from. This means you can sign in to your private account, but emails sent from it may appear in your work email.

In Gmail settings, go to Account & Import again under “Send Mail as”, click “Enter another email address” and follow the setup instructions. When you send an email from this platform. Then you can choose another email address from the list. But this is a manual procedure so that you will have to remember to do it yourself otherwise it will use the default address to send it.

Automatically Manage Your Emails

When talking about labels, you can get Gmail to automatically label new (and existing) emails using filters. For this purpose go to Gmail settings, then click “Filter and block addresses”, after this scroll down and click “Create a new filter”. You can then specify parameters such as sender, keywords, etc., and select the label you can use for all new and existing emails that meet those parameters.

You will have to create a new filter every time you want to filter or label different types of emails, but once you set it up, it actually blows.

Search For Emails

You may notice that in addition to the Gmail interface, there is a search bar. You can enter basic search terms to view emails, but if you want a more advanced search, click the slide-like icon. This will pull the advanced search feature where you can search for emails based on sender, title, date, attachments, and email size.

Gmail Access For Apps

If you used Gmail to sign up for online apps and services. You may want to update this listing regularly and clean it up. Especially if you have not used a particular service for a long time. Then follow the following procedure:

-First of all go to your Google Account security page

-Under “Sign in to other sites”,

-Then click “Google Sign in”.

You will now see a list of applications or services you have used to sign in to your Google / Gmail account. After this, clicking on the individual apps or services will allow you to see more details or remove access to them.

Send a Structured Email

If you are very busy and anxious do not forget to send an important email, or maybe you just want to send an email on the day you take a break, you can plan ahead. Just write the email as you do, but instead of clicking Send, click the down arrow next to the send button and select “Schedule Send”. Select the time and time you have set.

Creating Private, Self-Destructive Emails

Sometimes emails may contain information that you would like not to take for granted, so you can send emails using Gmail Privacy Mode. This action creates an email that will be locked after the passcode and will automatically expire after the specified time.

The recipient of the email will not be able to transfer, copy, print, or download the email. To send emails in private mode, create a new email and click the icon that looks like a clock with it. Set an expiration date and select whether you want to enter a password with a password and click on “Save”.

Show People – You Are Away

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is to worry about emails from work or school, but you don’t want to encounter the fact that you are contemptuous that you might ignore someone else’s email. This is when the holiday responder feature is active, where you can see when you will be absent and whenever you receive a new email, an automatic reply will be sent to let you know you are on vacation.

For the execution of this process first of all go to Gmail settings and under the General tab, scroll down to “Vacation responder”. Set the time you will be away, followed by the subject of the email and the message to be sent to incoming emails.

Start a Video Call

Google has begun adding features from some of its production apps and services to Gmail, trying to make it a one-stop-shop for all your product needs. It allows you to start a video call with your contacts on this platform.

If you think contact is part of your Google Chat list, simply hover your mouse over their name and click on “Start video call”.

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