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Measurement of Customer Satisfaction

Measurement of Customer Satisfaction
Measurement of Customer Satisfaction
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We are talking about the importance of measurement of customer satisfaction loads. If you have the best service and as soon as they go to work for the competition. They continue to say they have the best service. So the fact of life is there’s no sales guy out there. Saying that our service is not good. So what do the potential customers here and how we can do the measurement of customer satisfaction?

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Today friend, we will talk about the measurement of customer satisfaction. Isn’t it enough to take a product to have a product for the customer? If you have it appealing to have it with good quality at a reasonable price. The answer is no because at the end of the day. What you get out of this are satisfied customers. How do you measure whether these satisfied customers are really loyal to you or whether they’ll keep coming back to you as loyal customers?

Satisfied customers and loyal customers are two different kinds of customers. But how do we make sure that every satisfied customer is a loyal customer of an organization that’s something which is very very important? Here are some few tips which I would recommend to the measurement of customer satisfaction rate to understand or to make a difference to make them your loyal customers forever.

Understanding your customer and measurement of customer satisfaction is most important as I keep saying this. But how do you turn your satisfied customers into loyal customers? Make them feel special that’s the most important thing. Now, this is something also which can turn customer service into customer delight. Now when you say to make them special is keeping an account of your customers. Each and every necessity and giving them something extra. Like an extra frisbee package which would help them to be satisfied at the end of the day. More than satisfaction level that’s when we say that customers are delighted.

Now that’s how we create a WOW factor now to give you an example that you’ve given service to your customer. After this measurement of customer service is a key factor in the management of customer service. Then you give him a lift or a drop and up till the customers home. If the customer is a little aged or old person. He would appreciate that and that would be some times. Where the customer would never go back to any other competitor. Now that’s where the customer would show a hundred percent loyalty towards you and your organization. Because that’s something that his love. That’s something you can never forget. We can create an environment which a customer never ever forgets in his life.

He would always say I went to this particular place and that’s amazing and that’s what keeps him coming back to that place in return. What you get is a high profit of the company and what you spent is hardly anything. So say you spend just a few amounts of rupees extra over and above. The service to drop that customer home maybe a taxi bill or a drop facility. But what you earn is a lot of profit and future. Because that customer keeps giving you a lot of services. Keeps giving you reference and I don’t need to tell you. So Measurement of customer satisfaction is too much important.

What all they’ll a lot of things possible after measurement of customer satisfaction. So make your customer happy. Make your customer feel extremely special that’s the first and the foremost step of understanding. Every customer’s expectations towards an organization. Providing a familiar experience now many customers like to come to only one face. When they come to any organization. I am one of the customers. Where I go to a place and I always ask for that one person. Who has always seen or spoken because I feel comfortable?

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If you’re familiar with some faces as a person definitely would like to get back to those faces. Because they have made you feel the most satisfied and relaxed. Whenever you’ve gone to that organization that’s one thing which I always say that familiarity is something which makes you feel at home. Every customer should feel like a guest. When it comes to an organization and the guest. Kind of feeling can only come when they are treated at home and they would like to see people or faces.

Who are familiar now that’s something where every internal customer should remember. Every employee should remember that this is the customer that I treated last time. And if that approach of going to back to those customers again and saying a greeting or welcoming with a very warm welcoming approach. They would really be satisfied everyone has the habit of coming. Getting back to our same houses do we go to anyone else’s houses and stay overnight sometimes yes for parties. But what about every day you definitely like to come to our home sweet home back. That’s because we’re familiar with it imagine a customer feels familiar with an organization and feels at home and they’re talking to a person feels like a family member amazing.

What satisfaction rate would give more than that and you know after the measurement of customer satisfaction. It’s all about after service when a customer comes into your organization. You make him and understand his requirement make him feel. So much comfortable in the organization. See to it that all the requirements are satisfied and then you send him home very happily. But what about the after-service after the customer has gone home now. Here is something where the customer’s delight is what you can affect the most.

There’s a lot of impacts. When you call a customer once he reaches home to see that whether he’s used the product and whether is liked your service. How to take the feedback from the customer to give you an example. If a customer has taken medicine for skin treatment and you can call the customer after week to understand. What and how the customer is doing is he doing well. Is he enjoying his skin pattern? Is he is there made a difference is defective? Would he like to come back again? When would you please his next appointment that is something which is a customer delayed that’s the after service magic and the company’s the organization.

Who are great at doing the after service services are amazing follow-up viewers and that’s where the customer satisfaction turns into loyal customers. Now imagine if the customer is called after every 10 days of the service or every one week after service as per the requirement. The customer would feel so happy that oh they’re not only taking care. When I was in they’ve also taken care when I’m at my home. Just think about an idea of a customer coming to you. The customer goes home back you layout a manual or you layout an article to the customer. How he can improve on what he’s done like an extra tip along with taking your products and services.

I imagine every time he reads your manual or every time it’s that article. He remembers about you, that what you’ve done a difference to his life. That’s something where the customer would really really get back to you. And that customer would turn into a loyal customer so understanding your customer. Understanding the best framework of his mindset.

Understanding how better you can get having always feedback towards your customer or a gesture of taking the customer well. Or taking care of a very welcoming and a happy approach of welcoming a customer like a guest. Now these all things would add up to your measures to continuously prove yourself into a bigger customer service organization.

Friends the other way of measuring your customer satisfaction level is also to commit wholeheartedly. Now when I say commit wholeheartedly many a times the customer comes in and you commit that you give a call to the customer. Because right now the appointments are not available. So you leave a callback to the customer after two days and see to it. That he is accommodated in the appointment list and we forget. Because you’ve not set and reminder after two days to call that particular customer. And we are definitely working very hard.

We are stressed in whatever we do. We handle 100 customers each day. Now at this point of time where our strategy should have been to get back to each and every customer on time to care back to the maximum service. After service quality here is something that we’ve lacked on is we’ve not committed wholeheartedly with the customer.

We’ve not reached up to the commitment levels there has to be a strategy in every organization of us very strong follow up. Friends follow up is the most important. Because we shouldn’t as an organization or as employees be very happy of customers coming in taking doing some purchase at that given point of time. And going away that’s very normal and natural. But what about your customer retention are they getting back to you is something to be measured. That’s something very important and without that measurement, you cannot measure how much have you scored on your customer satisfaction rate.

Your customer satisfaction rate completely depends on your retention and completely depends on the customer delight for the retention. Now being a part of customer service training organizations. I would also understand that the lack of training at a given point of time would be lack of follow-ups done by for the customer.

Friends, you will not believe the customer service team is only set for taking feedbacks from customers. Doing the follow-ups seeing to it that the customer has written. It has retained to accompany back when seen to. It is sustained for a very long time that’s what you really mean by customer satisfaction. That’s what you really mean by customer service. It’s not about a customer coming in taking the service. Take it your product worth chasing and going back. That’s not really what we mean by customer service. The after service is the most important factor to understand whether you’ve wholeheartedly committed to that customer.

There are a lot of modules which are set up especially the ken-oh model. Which helps us to understand the customer satisfaction retention rate. Now, why are these models in place? We will definitely be talking in detail about these models. I’ll also help you to understand how they run. Why are all these models and these kinds of formats and strategies in place? They are there because we need to understand how best can we get at a customer satisfaction rate and retention rate.

So friends to help us understand to get better to help us improve ourselves better every day. These are some strategies. Which are set strategies and standard strategies? Which we just have to take and follow and that’s how the things can be done and processed. Friends a lot of corporates that I go and I see something very surprising and very nice and good surprise is. Where a customer satisfaction rate or a window is definitely sure to be there. But individual customer satisfaction rate or individual customer satisfaction scoreboard is something. Which is very very unknown to a lot of organizations.

It’s very important as an individual what do you do. Because everything starts with an individual. So as an individual customer service agent how do you score yourself or how do you customer score. You at your customer service skills is something which adds on to the entire organizations’ satisfaction rate. So every customer would be free to give opinions on each customer service agent rather than the entire product servicing or anything extra of course that’s there that follows and as a person you can score yourself each time. You meet a customer on how well have you treated that customer.

So you give a score to yourself that’s amazing. So suppose if today I meet 10 customers and I feel that out of those 10 three interactions were amazing. I would rate myself five the maximum and two were okay. So I would rate myself maybe three and a half four and maybe the other ones. Who are not that great and this doesn’t really depend on the purchase of the customer that has been done. It depends on how well could you connect. Its depends on whether the customers have taken an appointment. Then it depends on whether the customer release feels like coming back.

Because every customer doesn’t really step in for a purchase. They might step in for a follow-up. The right step in for just an inquiry or information. But what impact have you made on them at the end of the day is something that was committed and this is what I called commit wholeheartedly. This also helps us to measure the level of customer satisfaction.

Measures to achieve customer satisfaction is also measuring success. So when we talk about measuring success there are a lot of organizations that I see that have these SESAC scores to be followed very strongly. Now CSAT is something where it reports measures on your customer satisfaction rate in various ways. So it’s not only your customer satisfaction rate is also a rating of the customer on your service on your product. It’s also rating the retention and it’s also retaining stability.

Then, it’s also retaining each and every success. Measure that you need to have ‘C’ set scores to help us to understand each and every parameter of getting better and better every day towards reaching our commitment towards that customer. It also helps us to understand. What is the problem-solving solution over all the issues that the customer faces? So it’s also problem-solving as a barometer for a problem-solving rate card. So every customer not necessary comes with an issue or a problem. It comes with an inquiry as well.

So all put together customer satisfaction ‘C’ set scores is something which helps you to get out of all your unknown parameters and get to focus on improving betterment each and every day. Every customer’s requirement is different every customer ask is different needs are different and how do you help him to get through his best satisfaction level is. What a ‘C’ set score helps you to do. So, you should not shocking. When many organizations do their level best get their heads off to understand and do whatever they can to take the satisfaction score up to a hundred.

But it’s very sad at times when the scores come into 6570. They feel that there was something lacking. So friends all the tips of followed of how to get into customer service right from the external. Internal customers and all of that I am sure by following all of this. Taking the right measures would help you to reach up to the customer satisfaction level. At least, I would say customer satisfaction level is at least kind of a level. Because after which is retention after which is sustainability after which is a delight. So it’s very important friends to understand that. Your satisfaction ratio is what because based on that.

We could understand how much will be the sustainability of that particular customer to become a loyal customer of your organization. Customer loyalty is tougher than customer satisfaction. I would rate it out or say it this way. Because customer satisfaction is something which we feel one day or that day. When the customer steps in. But the customers’ retention measures the loyalty and by the customer’s footsteps back to your organization and that completely depends on your attitude of treating the customer in the right way. If you’ve not been or not given your best service of you’ve not done a follow-up. Then the customer definitely cannot come back to you or you cannot retain the services at the same time.

You cannot even have a delightful feeling about the customer being around you. So for me, customers loyalty is tougher than customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction I would say is the first step of improvement. But customer loyalty is something which is proof that you’ve improved in all your customer servicing skills. Because that makes your customer come back to you. Whenever you call the customer or whenever customer needs feel the need of getting back to you. Now there is also a very positive sign of customer coming back to you is customers don’t go anywhere else.

So your competitors are someone who is not there around you. If you give them 100% customer satisfaction and your rate of retention would go higher. And once the rate of retention is higher sustainability is definitely bound to happen. That’s how you create loyal customers. So, friends, this was all about measuring of how to achieve your customer satisfaction goal is by creating all these factors making them work life into your organization into personally yourself.

I hope that you follow this once you understand this and make it practically into practice. You will be able to measure your customer satisfaction ratio and it would be a hundred percent. So I wish you all the best to take this ahead and move it ahead and take it forward. Bring it into practice rather than just thinking over it. Start it today right now and get 100% customer satisfaction ratio. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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