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Meezan Bank Helpline Number

Meezan Bank Helpline Number
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Meezan Bank Helpline Number

Meezan Bank Helpline Number:


Meezan Bank Customer Service Email: complaints@meezanbank.com

Meezan Bank Customer Care Fax Number: +92-21-36406023

Meezan Bank Helpline Hours: 24/7

Official Website: Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank Customer Service Numbers

DepartmentsCustomer Service Number
Registered Office and Head OfficePhone:

Fax Number: +92-21-36406049

Email: info@meezanbank.com
Credit Administration DepartmentNaheed Ashfaq
+92-21-38103500 Ext: 3558

Syed Salman Nadeem
+92-21-38103500 Ext: 2157
ATM ContactsSyed Raza Hussain
Phone: +92-21-38103500 Ext: 2106
Email: Raza.hussain@meezanbank.com

Amir Hasan
Phone: +92-21-38103500 Ext: 2104
Email: amir.hasan@meezanbank.com
Shariah Compliance DepartmentSyed Mughtanim Hussain

Phone: +92-21-38103500 Ext: 2852
Focal Person For Politically Exposed PersonMeezan Bank Service Quality Department
Phone: +92-21-38103657
Fax: +92-21-36406023
Email: complaints@meezanbank.com

State Bank of Pakistan
Special Unit, Consumer Protection Department
Phone: +92-21-99221935
Fax: +92-21-99218160
Email: cpd.helpdesk@sbp.org.pk
Grievance Commissioner For Overseas PakistanisLandline Number: +92-51-9217243
Mobile Number: +92-300-8487161
Fax Number: +92-51-9217256

Email Ids:
Meezan Bank Customer Service Numbers

Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s largest Islamic bank, is growing rapidly in all areas. It is important to note that this bank is a subsidiary of Kuwait Noor Financial Investment. It was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in the Meezan building in Karachi. In our Department of Finance, Islamic banking is a fundamental concern and need of the community. The most important goal of establishing an Islamic bank is to select an Islamic bank. This Islamic online banking system allows you to meet your financial needs. Provides many features and solutions. Meezan Bank is open for online refunds. This is where we currently provide information on Meezan Bank customer service.

As you know, the entire structure of this financial system complies with the laws of Islam. Here, each branch is organized around Islamic and Sharia law and principles, renowned for its Islamic financial research, product development skills, and other renowned consulting services. This comprehensive financial system is subject to the strictest Islamic laws and regulations. Meezan Bank Online Banking is a product development department and law firm that regulates Sharia law in relation to its products and services. These offices are controlled by members of the Sharia Board of Directors and the Sharia Board of Directors, who are renowned worldwide for their membership in Sharia. Meezan Bank is the best way to stay with them and enjoy the legal aspects of Islamic law. You can register your account with Internet Banking and access account information, transactions, account management, bank payments, and other payments. May enter Meezan Bank’s internet transactions include SMS and email banking notifications. What is Internet Banking? Credit card company bankruptcy is being proposed. This is the easiest and most convenient way to access your bank account and bank details anytime, anywhere. Meezan Bank supports this feature and is one of the most common methods of banking anywhere, anytime on the Internet. Online banking Mazen Bank is the best way to access the entire banking system from your comfort zone, whether at work or at home.

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