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Needs of Customer Service

Needs Of Customer Service
Needs Of Customer Service
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In this short article on customer needs and expectations. We will discuss here the needs of customer service. Service encounter customer expectations and the impact of organizational structure on customer service. Before we start talking about customer service. We need to establish and understand who are our customers and what is their importance for the business.

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This is very important I am sure everyone understands that customers are crucial for any business no customer means no business. Unfortunately, this basic understanding sometimes gets carried away some staff members. Not all some tend to ignore this fundamental rule and result resultantly we start experiencing a decline in sales and our increase in bad reviews.

So what should we do very simple thing keep reminding the staff and ensuring that they are practising three key rules? First of all the very first thing is discovering customer needs and expectations. So the customer walks in to make a purchase before selling that product. It is our responsibility to identify what real customer wants. Sometimes due to the language barrier, due to any sorts of barriers customer may not be able to describe.

What they really want and we may end up selling them an incorrect product. So it is very important to identify or discover their names as well as their expectations. What they are really expecting from that product. Once we have discovered then we should meet their needs and expectations. It is very important that we should not be selling an unmatched or incorrect product or service to them. We just made that once we have discovered we have met their customer needs and expectations. Then we need to focus on exceeding it so customer service is not about just discovering and meeting their names not about discovering and meeting their expectations.

It’s more about exceeding their lives and exceeding their expectations of different service in a way that builds rapport and trust with the customers. And we should focus on building a durable and valuable customer relationship. We also need to understand customer service also includes maintaining internal systems maintaining those practices in place and maintaining relationships to support the implementation of customer service strategies. We also need to understand that during a service encounter the customer will form a judgment based on their personal expectations perceptions desires feelings needs wants and values.

So when we are interacting with the customers we need to be mindful all of these elements based on the quality of the service encounter customer will be either satisfied or dissatisfied. But if we focus on those three basic rules which we just talked about we might be able to get a delighted customer. And this is what we should be actually aiming for a delighted customer. So just to summarize what should we do identify the customer names, identify customer wants and identify customer expectations then we should be right. So when we say customer expectations what are they. They’re customers vision of a future state or action usually unstated.

But critical to our business success we also need to keep in mind expectations are not constants. They change over time and in most cases becoming more demanding customer expectations are usually influenced by their previous experiences and their experiences dealing with the service provider and particularly competitors. We are also to understand exactly the same product or service may be perceived as being good or poor depending upon the customer expectations. So as a customer if we are talking about. If we try to generalize those expectations.

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So what does generalize expectations would be something like to be taken seriously competent efficient service and dissipation of the explanations of the events in their terms. Basic courtesies to be informed of the available options not to be passed it out to be listened to and heard dedicated attention knowledgeable help friendliness to be kept informed. Follow-through honesty feedback professional services empathy and respect.

When we are delivering that service? when we are talking about customer service? and when it is happening? when we are talking for service in character. We also need to understand there are always two components into its two elements into it. First one is the human element and the second one is technical elements. When we say technical element basically refers to the product. It could be a solution loan system response resolution deliverable or a result or whatever you are providing to your customer. Whatever form the product takes customers to want it to work properly to meet their names. This is the technical element of service and you will not have happy customers without it.

They’re so short but excelling in the technical element alone may not keep customers coming back unless you also excel in the process. While on the other side the human element refers to the process something like how customers feel. They have been rated not well customers are treated it’s more about how they feel. They have been treated this is the human element of service. Which is exceedingly important in achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. In fact, for many customers, the process is more important than the product at every stage in the customer relationship with your organization or in the buying process.

Customers have a different set of expectations the first bit comes in at the pre-purchase stage. When customers are still in-depth on whether to establish a relationship with your organization. It is our responsibility to discover find out but would their expectations bring at that stage. The second one is during the customer service encounter when they are in the process of using your services. We again it’s our responsibility to find out what would their expectations be during that process. The third one after the service has been accessed what would be their expectations having said that this is our responsibility to do so.

So when we talk about the first bit which is prior to purchasing we need to learn what customers expect. We need to ask employees as well as the customers. Tell customers what to expect consistently provide the service according to their expectations. During service, encounter communicates with customers properly and honestly modify their possible modified the service to meet customer expectations or explain. Why service cannot be modified after the purchase. Communicate if the expectations were met check with them.

If they are a happy follow-up on customers to get their views to develop a procedure for dealing with dissatisfied customers very important the last section is about organizational structure. You may or may not have noticed in some organizations they have a very simplified organizational structure and in some organizations. Unfortunately, they have very complex structure what does that mean. If for example if I am a customer and I’m ringing a utility company to complain about something. And I am unhappy about something and the customer service representative says that oh, unfortunately, I cannot really help.

But I can check that who can assist you with them with your enquiry ok. So they put me at home for maybe 2 minutes during that time. The customer service representative is struggling to find out who can resolve their problem checks with the supervisor. Supervisor says oh no no no this one is beyond my control beyond my authorities. So let’s talk to the manager to the manager. The manager says none, unfortunately, I cannot do that let’s talk to another person. So you are spending time minutes and seconds and over and over in a circle and you’re not really getting it.

You come back to me in a few minutes time and you say that unfortunately I’m unable to assist at this stage. Because the relevant person is not available as a customer. I will be frustrated I can’t really say that I had good experience with them with my service provider. So what we should aim for delegation. We should aim for something which is very simplified. Most organizations usually aim to get that one called resolution customer rings the person. Who is taking the call is able to resolve 99% issues without any interruption and without involving them anyone else.

That it comes back to providing the full training full support more authority more delegation. I believe for today this is enough for this particular short session just to recap that what we have discussed so far. We had a quick look on customer surveys we talked about service encounter in brief. Then we also highlighted what are customer expectations and why we need to cater to them. And then we vary but on the very base, the level would touch. Based on these organizational structures influence on customer service.

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