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OGE Customer Service Number

OGE Customer Service Number
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OGE Customer Service Call Center Toll Free Phone Number

OGE Customer Service Call Center Toll Free Phone Number For Residential Customer Service:


OG&E Customer Service Number For Residential Customer Service:


OG&E Business Customer Service Toll Free Number: 888-988-9747

OG&E Business Call Center Toll Free Hours: Mon – Fri, 8AM – 5PM

OGE Customer Care Toll Free Number For Smart Hours Info:

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OGE Customer Support Toll Free Number For Emergency: 800-522-6870

OGE Customer Support Number For Emergency: 405-272-9595

OGE Customer Service Number For Pay Bill By Phone: 877-306-9274

Call OG&E Customer Service Toll Free Number For Digging:

Oklahoma: 811 or 800-522-6543
Arkansas: 811 or 800-482-8998

OG&E Customer Service Number For Digging in Oklahoma Local City:

811 or 405-840-5032

OGE Customer Service Call Center Phone Number For Corporate Info:


OGE Customer Service Call Center Hours:

Mon – Fri, 8AM – 5PM

Official Website: OGE

Reasons For Call On The OGE Customer Service Call Center Toll Free Phone Number

OGE is the major energy provider in the Oklahoma state of the USA. Electricity and natural gas is the need of every person in daily life. So that people call on the OGE customer support number for various reasons and some of the reasons are general information, location movement, power outage estimate, check for the power outage in my area, report a street light outage, overbilling, reporting street light outages, update on power outages, electric outages near me, and lights outage. People also call on OGE customer service to pay bill for electricity and gas online. It also provided OG&E tree trimming phone number for their customers in emergency services.

OGE – Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company

OGE is also called Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company. It is branded as OG+E and O-G-and-E -E. It is a public company established in 1902 for Energy, Natural Gas, and Private utility. Its headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America. It offers Electricity and Natural Gas. It is one of the best subsidiaries of OGE Energy Corp. Its energy resources conducted the electricity as well as gas marketing.

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