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Optimum Customer Service Number

Optimum Customer Service Number
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Optimum Customer Service Number

Contact Optimum Customer Service Number: 888-276-5255

Optimum Customer Support Toll-Free Number For Order Optimum Residential Services:


Optimum Customer Service Phone Number For Accessibility Support Center:


Optimum Cable Phone Number For Bill Payment Options Automated Phone System:


Optimum Customer Service Number T Cancel BPPS For Optimum Subscribers:


Altice Customer Service To Cancel BPPS For Suddenlink Subscribers:


Optimum business Customer Support For Legal Inquires OR Notices: 866-575-8000

Optimum Cable Phone Number For Sales and Installation: 855-267-8468

Optimum Cable Customer Service To Altice One Skill For Optimum Subscribers:


Optimum Internet Customer Service To Altice One Skill For Suddenlink subscribers:


Call optimum customer service Number For Connecticut: 203-870-2583

Optimum Business Support Number From Long Island: 631-393-0637

Optimum business support Number From New Jersey (Residential):


Optimum customer service Number For NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester:


Optimum Customer Service Number For Optimum App Questions: 866-360-2758

Optimum Customer Support Number For Legal Services: 516-390-9018

Call optimum customer service For Opt-Out Of Promotional Or Marketing Telephone Calls:


Optimum Customer Service Phone Number For Report Cable Theft:


Optimum Customer Support Residential Sales Number For Connecticut:


Optimum Customer Support Number For Learn More About Solutions Offered:


Optimum Customer Care Number From Long Island: 631-393-0707

Optimum Customer Service Phone Number From New Jersey: 973-230-2037

Optimum Customer Support Number From NY: Bronx / Brooklyn / Westchester:


Optimum Customer Helpline Number For Order Optimum Residential Services:

Optimum Customer Service Number:


Optimum Customer Service Hours: 24 Hours and 7 Days a Week

Official Website: Optimum

How To Call Optimum Customer Support Number In Fastest Way?

Optimum customer care number is available for 24 hours and 7 days a week in the USA for the support of their customers. Many people call on the Optimum customer support number for many reasons and everyone wants to talk with the customer service live agent for their support. So that if the customer wants to talk with Optimum customer service live agent in the fastest way then follow the given below procedure:

  • When your call connected to the IVR system then Press ‘1’
  • Then press ‘0’ after every IVR prompt until and unless your call connected to the Optimum customer service representative.

Reasons For Call On The Optimum Customer Service Number

The Optimum customer service department is very active in the support of its customers in various ways. So that people call on the Optimum customer support number for the help of their customers. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • People call on the Optimum customer service number for general information
  • Customer call for the change of plan
  • People call for the starting of new internet, cable, telephone service
  • People call for the Cancel of Account
  • People want to schedule technicians to visit
  • Customer call for information regarding products and services
  • People want to get technical support
  • Customer want to get billing information
  • People call for the shipping and delivery
  • Customer want to settle their dispute a charge
  • People call for the shifting of home or office
  • People call for a refund of charges
  • Customer calls for the return and replacement of devices
  • Customer also want to know about the service outage
  • Customer want to get help regarding other issues

How To Contact With Optimum Customer Service By Phone Number?

The optimum operates under three states, each with a different number. It should also be noted that Optimum has different phone lines for corporate and private clients. Calling the right number can save you time to time. Optimum also has a separate phone line to open a new account. But unluckily, optimum customer service has a negative impact on its customers. While the ease of use shows people with cable, internet, and phone, they often turn to Optimum for help. Users reported that customers are uncomfortable and problems often go unresolved by the Optimum customer support representatives.


Optimum Cablevision is a very fast and easy install to access the internet with a cable modem, and Optimum is one of them. Today’s TV is all about choosing what and where to watch. In fact, you can actually watch TV instead of watching TV. Optimum offers its customers all the cable TV options they want. This includes HD channels and movies, a free on-demand option, and hundreds of your favorites. The Service Corporation was founded in 1973 as a cable television operator with 1,500 customers on Long Island. Cablevision currently provides digital television, audio, and high-speed internet services to millions of homes and businesses in the New York metropolitan area and in four Western states. Optimum is an internet, telephone, and cable services company in three states in New York. It is a subsidiary of Altis USA, which owns other national cable brands, and as a leading provider of telecom services, Optimum receives a large number of daily customer service requests. It offers the services of Cable Television, High-Speed Internet, Telephone, Mobile Phone, and Advertising.

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