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PayPal Customer Service Number

Paypal Customer Service Number
Paypal Customer Service Number
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Paypal customer service number is required for everyone who is using this service. Paypal customers call PayPal customer service department due to various issues. When they face issues regarding credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal loans. When wanting compensations and refunds from the company they call to PayPal contact services. If they want to balance inquiry, charges, and account changes they call on PayPal customer service phone number. Customer calls on PayPal customer service phone number for reporting identity theft, fraud, and account freezing and holding.

Paypal Customer Service Number and Call Timings

Customer Service Toll-Free Number 888-221-1161

Call Timings

Saturday and Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM PST

Monday to Friday 5 AM to 10 PM PST

Select Relevant Representative

Customers can select the customer service representative as per their relevant issue. When a customer calls to PayPal customer service phone number the IVR system gives him menu options according to their issue. The PayPal menu options are like Account access, Can not log in, Refund, dispute a charge, Restricted account, and other issues.

If a customer wants to talk with a live person on call then after calling on customer service number when asking for One time passcode say “I do not have a passcode. Then press “0” then after various questions, they will request you for account verification. After this, your call will be transferred to the live agent. He will again ask you for your account verification. After account verification, he will resolve your account.

Paypal Customer Service Team Resolve Many Issues Related to

The Paypal customer service team can solve the problems related to the account only. Problems like verification of transactions, scams, Identity theft, fraud cases, account limits issues, Paypal loans debit cards, and credit cards are solved via PayPal customer service phone number.

What will you do if you are unsatisfied with a phone call

There can be any call status satisfied and unsatisfied. If you are unsatisfied then there will be other ways to resolve the problems. So that you must keep a record of your every communication with customer service representative of PayPal. Take notes of your call and if you are unsatisfied with your call then call back. Because sometimes a more skilled agent will attend your call and he can better understand your problem and resolve them.

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If you are still unhappy with phone call customer service to PayPal then use email service PayPal, live chat customer service PayPal, social media and papal forums, and much more. You can also file a claim to the online Resolution Center. All of the above methods provide you with documented records for further references.

If you are still unsatisfied then you can escalate your case with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s but it is a time-consuming method.

Paypal Introduction

Paypal is a reliable online payment processor in all over the world. Its real name is Paypal Holding, Inc, and it’s an American company with more than 255 million of customers. So that due to a large number of customers Paypal Customer Service team received many calls from all over the world. During the period of 2002 to 2014, eBay acquired PayPal with 1.5 billion US dollars. In 2015 Paypal announced PayPal as an independent public company. Paypal headquarter is located in California, USA.

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