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QVC Customer Service Number

QVC Customer Service Number
QVC Customer Service Number
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QVC Customer Service Number: 888-345-5788

QVC Customer Service Hours: 24/7

Note: Call Back Service is also available on this number.

QVC Customer Care Number for Q Card: 877-490-1787

Note: Synchrony Bank will handle the calls of QCard.

If Customer want to talk with live customer service agent then Press “0” when call connected.

Why Do People Call on QVC Customer Service Number

QVC has millions of customers around the world to meet their daily life. QVC.com offers a variety of products and services to its customers. So that customer support received many calls regarding their problems related to QVC. Some of the main reasons for calling are mentioned here:

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  • Order Cancellation
  • Change of orders
  • Refunds
  • Product return
  • Account issues
  • Billing issues
  • E-Payments related issues
  • Other issues

Best phone numbers of QVC customer service are available above. They can Most of the QVC call center employees are from Texas and Virginia. They can handle a variety of problems related to the QVC.


On the QVC worldwide millions of people shop QVC. Because QVC offers a highly engaging, highly differentiated shopping experiences to their customers. It is working to surprise and delight their customers every day, with curated collections of products that are relevant to their lives. It is the part of Qurate Group. They connect with customers via authentic stories, interesting personalities, and award-winning customer service. They also invite customers to tell their stories and share their feedback with the public. QVC does it live, across various networks and platforms. It’s how they deliver the joy of discovery through the power of relationships.

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