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Referral Coordinators Job Description

Referral Coordinator Job Description

Referral coordinators often work in health care facilities. Where they coordinate referral appointments and help patients. They share important patient information with insurance companies and care providers. They also perform routine management tasks such as answering calls and emails. They are keeping patient records and verifying insurance details before the appointment.

Referral coordinators often communicate with patients, physicians, and insurance companies. So that they need specific information about customer service activities. They also have the ability to maintain patient records. They also manage many scheduled tasks. They also ensure that patient information is complete and up to date.

Functions and Responsibilities of Referral Coordinators

The role of a referral coordinator depends on the office in which they work. But depending on the positions we reviewed, most people share several responsibilities:

Answer Patient Questions

Because they often communicate directly with patients. So that referral coordinators continue to assist patients in answering questions and resolving issues. What issues may arise during office visits? In this aspect of the role, the referral coordinator ensures that patients have the information. They need to make critical care decisions and can provide information to patient caregivers under HIPAA.

Maintain and Update Patient Records

Referral coordinators ensure that patient records are up to date and maintained as per laws and regulations. These records consist of detailed information about other care providers, office procedures, tests, medical, and clinical records. Additionally, the referral coordinator may provide these records to other maintenance providers.

Check Patient Insurance Details

Many referral coordinators work closely with patients and insurance providers. They should collect and verify insurance information. They can call or email insurance representatives to verify patient insurance and registration details. They also verify compliance with patient insurance, verify insurance rates and stamp information. The money was sent to the insurance company for a refund.

Combination of Transfer Appointments

The main function of the referral coordinator is to work with patients to plan and schedule their referral times. Depending on the office, this may include referral for patients to other care providers, managing incoming patient transfers, or both. Recommendation coordinators set up appointments, send reminders, and provide patients with information about referral appointments.

Provide Administrative Support

Referral coordinators are working in different capacities besides supporting their referral functions. Most of the referral coordinators provide general administrative support and clerical assistance to medical offices. These tasks include answering calls and emails, managing schedules, and maintaining electronic documents or files and records. Physicians and nurses can also check whether they have the necessary equipment and patient records before being appointed.


High school diplomas or GED transfer coordinators are usually required. In addition, at least one year of experience in the medical or health insurance industry will help applicants to get the position of Referral Coordinator. As referral coordinators continue to work with patients, customer service knowledge will also be useful in this role. Especially if that experience is in the medical field. There are significant vocational training opportunities in this role as the coordinator of the recommendation for management of patient referrals. Many medical offices are also looking for bilingual contact coordinators to better serve the diverse environment of the patient.

Referral Coordinator Skills

Referral Coordinators are working in the field of medicine. So that they operate as a bridge between the health care and the insurance companies. In this regard, they must have some important skills of time management, computer skills, customer service, attention to detail, communication skills, etc.

Referral Coordinator Salary

Most of the websites have collected data on the salaries of the enrolled referral coordinators. According to Glassdoor, transaction coordinators generate $30,740 in revenue from 162 reported earnings. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not provide specific job monitoring information to referral coordinators. The findings suggest that overall health services will increase by 18 percent by 2026.

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