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Role Of Training in Customer Service

Role Of Training in Customer Service
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Role Of Training in Customer Service

There is strong evidence that investing in raising service standards and customer satisfaction is not a waste of time. For example, in 2002, Tom van der Wiele, Professor of Business and Management at the Rotterdam School of Economics, and his colleague Paul Boselie and Flecompany quality manager Martijn Hesselink completed a research paper on the links between customer satisfaction and business performance. They say an essential aspect of customer satisfaction is the service customers experience in their interactions with the business.

Another finding was establishing a strong correlation between perceived customer satisfaction and quality of service and sales and value for money. They also found that quality of service had a lasting impact on next year’s sales and results.

One of the most critical areas affecting customer satisfaction is the grievance redressal system. Prompt response to initial complaint and knowledge of the grievance redressal process accompanied by satisfactory outcome has significantly resulted in perceived satisfaction levels.

In an even more extensive study, Professor Claes Fornell and colleagues at Michigan State University conducted a study linking the financial results of 200 companies in 40 industries in the USA with an annual survey of 65,000 clients. Their research has proven that companies with high customer satisfaction scores outperform other companies by a factor of 4 to 1 in a series of years.

So investing in customer service improvement can make a real difference in low performance. And there is no shortage of customer service courses to choose from.

One of the main problems with measuring customer satisfaction is the lack of time between service delivery and data collection and analysis. That could mean a months-long delay between an experienced customer and results showing any benchmark survey research. Continuing to evaluate customer feedback can reveal trends that help measure whether an investment in service development offers benefits. No matter what customer service study is done, a portion of faith is needed before accurate results show that investing is essential.

Although most people automatically detect when they have received bad service, describing a good service may be reasonable. For this reason, many employees develop their sense of ‘service’ based on their interpretation of company principles, customs, and remuneration plans. Therefore, the definition of service should start at the highest levels of management and be strengthened throughout the organization. Every employee should purchase the same code of conduct as the customer may interact at any level, from the Chief Manager to the security guard during the night.

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So while basic customer service lessons can directly address the fundamentals of respect and dignity, the entire organization should be directed to customer service standards to reflect the same future for the customer truly. That means not only retailers or after-sales staff can benefit from customer service training but everyone in the business.

Key customer contact sites must have the same training and programs that support their ability to deliver a defined minimum level. However, unless the whole organization knows what these people are trying to offer, they may not provide the right level of support that can help them do their jobs effectively.

Accordingly, the business must promote and reward ethical behaviour and identify and correct misconduct. That means having well-designed incentive programs to encourage and reward while ensuring that misconduct is quickly reported to senior management.

Therefore, no customer service courses can be successful on their own unless the goals and objectives of the organization are complementary. In addition, it requires time and effort for senior management and culture to thrive and grow.

Once this situation is in place, finding the right customer service course to suit the needs of the business should be straightforward. In addition, there are several telecommunications courses and conflict resolution programs and complaints to convey proven strategies and tips to improve the overall level of employee awareness and competence.

The advertising team is the crucial area that requires compliance with the service and the levels of satisfaction that customers experience. Differences between what is developed for customers and the actual level of service received can be dangerous (if sold and subject to delivery) or may cause the company to miss essential differences from its competitors. If there is an excellent story to tell, make sure customers and customers want to know about it. And this connection can start even if previous service levels were unsatisfactory. Demonstrating that a company is listening, investing, and striving to improve is a powerful message, but the experience should be good in the eyes of the consumer.

Introductory customer service courses are cheap and can be a worthwhile investment. Getting all the staff on the ‘same page’ can also be inspiring and part of an excellent team-building job. Customer service courses can also strengthen the culture and generate ideas for future product development and service. The link between providing quality customer service and future financial success is as powerful as management might want. The key is to use customer feedback and ensure that the business evolves to reflect competitors’ needs, wants, opportunities, and pressures.

As shown in many studies, customers are ready to reward those companies where they see good service by repeating business and top brands.

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