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Tory Burch Customer Service Number

Torry Burch Customer Service Number
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Contact Tory Burch Customer Service Call Center Phone Number

Tory Burch Customer Service Number For Call:

(866) 480-8679

Tory Burch Customer Service Number For Text:

(201) 231-8679

Tory Burch Corporate Office Phone Number:

(212) 683-2323

Tory Burch Customer Service Hours:

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Daily, 8 AM – 11 PM, ET

Tory Burch Customer Care Email Id For Press:


Tory Burch Customer Service Email Id For Asia:


Tory Burch Customer Support Email Id For Europe and the Middle East:


Tory Burch Corporate Office Address:

Tory Burch Corporate Offices & Showroom
11 West 19th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Official Website: Tory Burch LLC

Tory Burch is an American designer and philanthropist. She’s the Managing Director and Creative Director at Tory Burch LLC. Moreover, Tory Burch LLC is an American clothing brand headquartered in New York. Tory Burch founded the company in 2004. Pierre Yvette Roussel is currently president. Tory Burch Inc. In 2018, Forbes declared her to be the 88th Power Woman Worldwide. Tory Burch Executive Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Tory Burch $900M 2021.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

The Tory Burch Foundation provides free online education for women entrepreneurs. Manage your business with these valuable tools. Learn how we can help your company find funding.

Tory Burch Customer Service Contact Details

Let us list the easiest and most efficient way to get Tory Burch Customer Support. Tory’s Contact Channel: Telephone, website, email, Facebook and more.

Tory Burch Customer Service Phone Number

Tory Burch Customer Service Telephone: (866) 480-8679. Customer support is offered daily from 8 AM – 11 PM, ET.

Tory Burch FAQs

How to contact Tory Burch Customer Service?

You can contact the Tory Burch customer service department for different reasons via text, phone number, email id, and mailing service.

Is Tory Burch considered a luxury?

However, Tory Burch’s bags were worth tens of thousands of dollars. While it is no rival to the brands like LVMH or Prada, it fits in with similar brands like Coach and Kate Spade. The brand is affordable luxury.

Are Tory Burch good quality?

They have a high quality that can last a lifetime with proper care and treatment! I like Tory Burch because you get that sumptuous leather and high-end artistry with top designer brands like Saint Laurent or Chanel for a low price.

Is Tory Burch a good bag?

Tory Burch is an ideal winter bag known for its colours and unique detail, the perfect complement. The new collection will be available in the fall and is guaranteed to meet your needs and match your personality.

Can you shop Tory Burch outlet online?

Yes, You can shop from Tory Burch’s website.

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