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Uline Customer Service Number

ULINE Customer Service Number
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Uline Customer Service Number

Uline Customer Service Number: 1-800-295-5510

Uline Customer Support Fax Number: 1-800-295-5571

Uline Customer Care Numbers:

Departments/ LocationsUline Helpline Number
General Office, Marketing, Purchasing, Executive Offices:262-612-4200
Collections: 888-884-6910
Collections/Credit Fax:800-520-3786
Credit: 877-513-3205
Human Resources:
Human Resources Fax:
Monterrey Mexico818-156-7400
Mexicali Mexico686-551-7700
Toronto Canada905-864-7660
Edmonton Canada780-670-4000
Uline Customer Service Number

Uline Customer Service Email: customer.service@uline.com

Uline Customer Service Hours: 24/7

Uline Corporate Office Address:

12575 Uline Drive
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin 53158
United States

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Official Website: ULINE

Reasons For Call On The Uline Customer Service Number

800-295-5510 is ULINE’s best toll-free number, but this is not the only way to contact them. According to other ULINE customers, the best way to talk to the customer support team is to talk to them about your issue via email and find someone to help you. In addition to trying to contact, your best option is to contact by fax or email, depending on your problem. Uline’s customer service number is called for various reasons such as Shipping, tracking items, overcharging, odd charges, complaints, package loss, etc.


Uline is a distributor of packaging materials. Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wisonsin, it has a family business of 6,000 people, many of which are distributed in Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Manipolis. Are centers. In Canada, the company has distribution centers in Mexico and Monterey, Toronto and Edmonton, and in Mexico. Large distribution companies Dick and Liz Aline are offering a release date for their products, claiming to “combine the best quality and the best value for money”.

The cost for purchasing online products can be Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Wire Transfer. Online does not currently accept PayPal or credit card debit cards. Orders can be placed with your dealer or at your address. Supply costs will be considered when you qualify. According to Aline, 99 orders are sent on the day the order is placed. Buyers who purchase online have a 90-day return. Goods and property marked as non-refundable are not included in this policy. You can deliver the item directly to the nearest Uline location. You must fill out a form at the back of the packing list or apply for a verification number. If you have any complaints or questions regarding deposit, payment, cancellation, fees, services, or any other contact online support.

The Uline’s product line includes 36,000 packages for packaging, shipping, and industrial products. You can order online and by phone or email. In the product list, you will find logos, bags, bubble wrap, vehicles, pillows/foam, pillows, bottles, screen protectors, gloves, protective clothing, labels, labels, mats, moving boxes, office supply safety products, container scales, shipping Containers, shrink wraps, stretch films, labels, tapes, storage items, and hoses. The website contains detailed information on requirements, colors, and usage information. To quickly configure, simply enter the sample number and Uline size attached to the card. Every paid clicker can find free fees that can be blocked in the Promotions section.

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