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Verizon Wireless Customer Service Number

Verizon Wireless Customer Service Number
Verizon Wireless Customer Service Number
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Every customer of Verizon Wireless is looking for Verizon wireless customer service number. Customer service phone number is:

Verizon Customer Service: 800-922-0204

: 1-800-837-4966

: 1-800-VERIZON

For New Customers: 888-910-4366

Timings: Monday – Friday: 7AM – 11PM

Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 9PM

Average wait time: 7 Minutes

Max wait time: 24 Minutes can be varied time to time

Verizon Wireless Customers Service Key issues

Verizon Wireless customers have various types of issues so some of the issues are categorized by the customer service department. Some of them are given below for targeted help:

  • How to access customers account
  • How to dispute the charge
  • For Instant bill payment
  • Fix connection
  • Support regard broke or lost phone
  • For account change or account cancellation
  • Get device support
  • For other problems

Reasons For Verizon Wireless Customers Service Call

Verizon Wireless customers can call to Verizon customer service number due to different reason and main reasons are given below:

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  • If Verizon Wireless customers want to take technical support for Verizon wireless devices and services.
  • If they want to change their Verizon wireless price plan
  • If they want to purchase and upgrade their Verizon Wireless devices
  • If they want to change or want to cancel their service
  • If they want to start their new service.
  • If they want to get help regarding theft cases
  • If they want to get help about their billing
  • If they want to investigate the financial transactions regarding Verizon wireless.
  • Verizon wireless can contact the customer service department for phone assistance.

How to connect with Verizon Wireless via Phone

Verizon Wireless customers can dial 611 from their phone to connect with Verizon Wireless customer service. If you use your Verizon app from your device then customers can connect with customer service centre without dialling any number.

Verizon customers can avoid wait time with the help of call back service. Call back service will schedule your customer service call with Verizon customer service centre.

Verizon Wireless is maintaining separate customer service phone number for every type of customers like postpaid customers, prepaid customers and business customers. So its depend on the customers to dial the correct number regarding their product and services according to their plan.

General Feedback About Verizon Wireless Customer Service

Verizon Wireless is a big company with a variety of products so different customers have different types of problems. So that phone base customer service is a very common customer service channel for the support of customers. In this regard, different customers have different type of feedback regarding their problems.

Some customers have positive feedback and some have very negative feedback regarding Verizon wireless customer service call. Basically phone base customer service mostly depends on the customer service representative knowledge and communication skills. If customers meet with a good agent then their experience will be good. But if the customer service representative does not know well about Verizon wireless policy and not have good communication skills then customer feedback will be not good. Customer service representative should avoid making promises regarding refund that can be met.

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Overall feedback about the Verizon wireless customer service phone call is very positive. Maximum customer issues can be resolved via phone call to Verizon customer service number. Issues like billing, technical support, purchase of equipment etc Verizon customer service representatives can handle efficiently.

Phone Calls Can’t Handle Customer Issues

Many issues which involved physical testing, inspection, malfunctioning and troubleshooting can’t handle via phone call only. Verizon wireless customer service representative can resolve many problems via online testing. But for this purpose, it is recommended that you should contact to Verizon wireless customer service live chat instead of a phone call. Because Verizon Wireless can not access the same phone from which customers are calling to Verizon wireless customer service.

Media Highlights Verizon Wireless Case

In the history of Verizon wireless customer services, there is only one case that was media highlighted. That case was related to overbilling due to calling abroad. The customer was denied regarding that call. So third party mediation were able to resolve that issue. Result of this issue was that Verizon wireless were agreed to settle the issue. But Verizon wireless refunds the payment after more interventions in this issue.

What Is Next Step If Not Satisfied With Phone Call

Verizon Wireless has a very efficient customer service department with a lot of happy customers. But still needs improvement because many callers are unhappy and frustrated with customer service representatives. But don’t worry all the problems have solutions. Keep in mind that when you call Verizon wireless customer service centre first of all get paper and pen in hand. Write down complete activity related to your issue and Verizon customer service agent actions. If you are unsatisfied with your call then call again to the customer service centre. Because maybe the customer service representative was not able to resolve your issue and the next one will handle your problems.

Verizon Wireless Customer Service Center

Verizon Wireless is one of the leading telecommunication company in the USA. Its second-largest company with millions of happy customers all around the United States of America. So that Verizon wireless customer service centre is handling millions of calls monthly.

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