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Vizio Customer Support Number

Vizio Customer Support Number
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Vizio Customer Support Number

Vizio Customer Support Number: 888-849-4623

Call Vizio Customer Service Number: 855-833-3221

Vizio Customer Service Phone Number Hours:

Monday-Saturday, 9 AM – 7 PM, CT

Vizio Helpline Number For SMS: 205-301-3729

Vizio Customer Service Hours For SMS and Live Chat:

Monday-Sunday,  9 AM – 6 PM, CT

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Vizio Customer Service For Live Chat: Vizio Live Chat

Vizio TV Customer Support Number For Warranty Claim From USA:


Vizio Customer Care Number For Warranty Claim From Canada:


Vizio Customer Service Number For Return Authorization Number:


Vizio Customer Service Email For Return Authorizatio Number:


Official Website: Vizio

How To Talk With Vizio Customer Support Representative In Fastest Way?

It is an electronics company based in the United States of America. Electronics products are the need of every customer so that everyone wants to talk with Vizio customer care representative if they found any problem in their products pre-sale information or post-sale service. So many people are calling on the customer service number so that it has received many calls on the number for various reasons. If the customer wants to talk with Vizio helpline in the fastest way then follow this procedure:

  • When you call connected to IVR then Press ‘1’, then Press ‘2’, and then Press ‘2’.

Reasons for Call on the Vizio Customer Service Number

Vizio offers many services to its customers like Technical Support, Customer Care, and Tv Repair. Vizio customer service number is available 24 hours and 7 days a week for the support of their customers. In order to get support for customer service or devices, customers can call on the customer service number, email id, social media, etc. There are various reasons for which customers can call on the customer service number of Vizio Inc. Some of the common reasons are given below:

  • Customer call on the helpline number for general information
  • Customer call on the customer service number for the refund amount
  • People call for the warranty claim terms and conditions
  • Customer want to get the device support
  • People want to return a defective product
  • Customer calls for the account access
  • Customer also call for the other issues


Vizio Inc is an efficient and beautiful flat-screen TV manufacturer. The company’s products include Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, and accessories. The company also offers remote control. It sells its products through legitimate online marketers and partners. The company also offers high-fidelity wireless audio products, including a home theater surround sound system with wireless subwoofer and wireless home theater headphones. Additionally, it offers HDTV and HD audio components such as HDMI adapters with 4-port switches, thin wall mounts, and HDMI cables, as well as cleaning foam that protects HDTV screens and other electronic components from dust and scratches. The company was incorporated in 2002 as V, Inc. Renamed VIZIO, Inc. in 2007.

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