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XPO Logistics Customer Service Number

XPO Customer Service Number
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XPO Logistics Customer Service Number

XPO Logistics Customer Service Toll Free Phone Number: (844) 742-5976

XPO Customer Support Number:

XPO Logistics Customer Care DepartmentsXPO Logistics Customer Service Number
Dedicated Transportation(515) 265-6171
Dedicated Transportation(800) 636-6171
Expedite(855) 976-3204
Expedite Air Charter(888) 277-7434
Full Truckload(855) 744-7976
Global Forwarding(866) 245-7447
Global Forwarding(630) 795-1300
Intermodal(800) 837-7584
Last Mile(866) 373-7874
Less-Than-Truckload(800) 755-2728
Supply Chain(866) 463-9273
Trailer Manufacturing(501) 279-0991
XPO Logistics Customer Service Important Numbers

XPO Logistics Customer Service Email:

XPO Logistics DepartmentXPO Logistics Customer Care Email
Dedicated Transportation managedtransportation@xpo.com
Driver Safetydriversafety@xpo.com
Expedite Air Charteraircharterops@xpo.com
Full Truckloadfreightbrokerage@xpo.com
Global Forwardingglobal@xpo.com
Home Deliveryhomedeliveryhelp@xpo.com
Last Milelastmile@xpo.com
Supply Chainsupplychain@xpo.com
Trailer Manufacturingtrailerinfo@xpo.com
XPO Logistics Customer Service Emails

Official Website: XPO

XPO Customer Service Hours: 24/7

Reasons For Call On The XPO Logistics Customer Service Number

The XPO Logistics customer service number is your point of contact for transportation and delivery solutions. From the very beginning, they have provided solutions to companies that support the movement of goods, the movement of supply chains, and business. When looking for a transportation solution for your business, it makes sense to rely on a solution that has the history and reputation of XPO Logistics. Sometimes you need a friendly voice to solve the most difficult problems. That’s why XPO Logistics has a highly qualified customer service team. If you are looking for the perfect supply chain solution for your business or you need to manage transportation solutions, you can talk to them about all the logistics. Are you looking for less need for transportation than a truck? Have you resolved your transportation situation to a local distribution center, but do you have to travel the last mile? Pick up the phone and call XPO Logistics today. It makes sense to provide as many communication channels as possible with customers around the world. The following support email Mail is one of those sites. If you have any problems that you can solve, if you can’t call and don’t have time to find an answer on the site, please contact us by email. By mail. They will contact you within 24-48 hours.


XPO Logistics, Inc. working as a global logistics company. It was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. XPO Logistics was founded as Express-1 Expedited Solutions and began specializing in high quality and urgent delivery in 1989. The company grew to become a leading provider of this form of transport services over the next 22 years when it changed its name to XPO Logistics. in 2011. XPO Logistics offers a wide range of supply chain solutions including freight brokerage, global freight transport, controlled shipments, last mile, and truck loading. The company has 2 reportable segments: transport and logistics. The company operates in 34 countries around the world. There are over 1400 XPO Logistics websites. At the request of the customer, you will receive an offer for free. XPO Logistics, Inc. awarded NAVISTAR XPO Diamond Supplier status in 2017. Customer service is provided by email and telephone during regular business hours. Throughout its history, the company has acquired 17 other companies, including a home delivery company, an international express delivery service, and one of the largest truck fleets in Europe. The company remains one of the fastest-growing service providers in the world and is in talks to acquire additional companies next year.

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