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Iberia Customer Service Number

Iberia Customer Service Number

Contact Iberia Customer Service Call Center Toll-Free Phone Number

Call Iberia Customer Service Number For USA and Canada:

(800) 772-4642

Iberia Customer Care Number For Spain Headquarters:

+3 490 111 1500

Iberia Customer Service Number For Services And Information:

(800) 994-0704

Iberia Customer Support Number For International:

LocationIberia Customer Service Number
Algeria+21 398 320 0128
Argentina+54 115 354 8125
Austria+4 317 956 7722
Belgium+322 585 5198
Brazil+55 113 956 5999
Brazil, IBERIA Baggage Center+55 800 886 8266
Chile+5 696 308 0912
China+86 400 881 0207
Colombia+571 291 1161
Costa Rica+5 064 036 0069
Croatia+3 851 777 6181
Cuba+537 204 3460
Cuba, IBERIA Baggage Center+537 649 5234
Czech Republic+42 023 901 8732
Denmark+457 010 0152
Dominican Republic+1 829 946 1072
France+3 382 580 0965
Germany+49 695 007 3874
Greece+30 211 198 0095
Ireland+35 381 846 2000
Italy+39 029 138 7051
Japan+8 133 298 5238
Mexico+52 551 500 3551
Netherlands+31 900 777 7717
Peru+511 642 9156
Russia+7 495 258 8410
South Africa+2 780 099 0824
Spain+3 490 240 0500
Spain, IBERIA Baggage Center+3 490 111 1342
Spain, Iberia Plus Centre+3 491 774 2607
UK+44 203 684 3774
Iberia Customer Support Number

Iberia Customer Service Email Id For Spain:


Official Website: Iberia

Iberia Airlines: Exploring the Legacy of Spain’s Flag Carrier

When it comes to air travel in Spain, one name stands out among the rest – Iberia Airlines. As the flag carrier and one of the oldest airlines in the world, Iberia Airlines has a rich history and a strong legacy. Now, we will delve into the fascinating journey of Iberia Airlines, exploring its humble beginnings, growth, milestones, and the impact it has had on the aviation industry.

1. Early Days of Iberia Airlines

The story of Iberia Airlines dates back to 1927 when it was founded as “Iberia, Compañía Aérea de Transportes.” The airline began its operations with a fleet of just four aircraft, connecting the Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona. In those early days, air travel was a luxury reserved for the elite, and Iberia played a crucial role in making it accessible to the public.

2. Surviving Turbulent Times

Iberia Airlines faced numerous challenges, including interruptions during the Spanish Civil War and World War II. Despite the adversities, the airline managed to stay afloat and continued to expand its routes domestically and internationally. The post-war era brought new opportunities for growth, and Iberia was quick to embrace the changing landscape of aviation.

3. The Jet Age and Technological Advancements

The introduction of jet aircraft revolutionized air travel, and Iberia Airlines embraced this new era with enthusiasm. Transitioning from propeller-driven planes to jetliners allowed Iberia to offer faster and more efficient flights to its passengers. Over the years, the airline also invested in cutting-edge technologies to enhance safety, navigation, and passenger experience.

4. Global Expansion

As air travel gained popularity worldwide, Iberia Airlines saw an opportunity to expand its reach beyond Europe. The airline established strategic partnerships and codeshare agreements with other prominent carriers, allowing it to offer an extensive network of destinations across the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Iberia’s expansion into intercontinental flights solidified its position as a global player in the aviation industry.

5. Commitment to Quality and Service

Throughout its history, Iberia Airlines has prioritized customer satisfaction. The airline is renowned for its warm hospitality, attentive crew members, and top-notch in-flight services. Whether traveling in Economy, Business, or Premium classes, passengers can expect a comfortable and enjoyable journey with Iberia.

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6. Sustainable Initiatives

In recent years, environmental consciousness has become a significant concern for the aviation industry. Iberia Airlines has taken proactive steps to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. From investing in fuel-efficient aircraft to implementing recycling programs, the airline is committed to preserving the environment for future generations.

7. Milestones and Achievements

Over its long and illustrious history, Iberia Airlines has achieved several significant milestones. From carrying millions of passengers to introducing innovative travel solutions, the airline’s accomplishments have shaped the course of aviation in Spain and beyond.

8. Iberia Plus: Loyalty Program

To reward its frequent flyers, Iberia Airlines introduced the “Iberia Plus” loyalty program. Passengers can earn Avios points for every flight and redeem them for various benefits, including flight upgrades, hotel stays, and exclusive experiences. The program has garnered a loyal customer base and further strengthened the bond between the airline and its passengers.

9. The Future of Iberia Airlines

As Iberia Airlines looks to the future, it continues to adapt to the ever-changing aviation landscape. Embracing advancements in technology, exploring new destinations, and focusing on sustainability will be essential aspects of the airline’s growth strategy.

Iberia Customer Service : Your Gateway to Hassle-Free Travel Assistance

When planning a journey with Iberia Airlines, you can expect a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish, and a crucial aspect of this experience is Iberia’s top-notch customer service. We will explore the various facets of Iberia’s customer service, how it ensures customer satisfaction, and the numerous ways in which travelers can seek assistance during their travel journey.

1. Putting Customers First

At the core of Iberia’s values lies a commitment to prioritize its customers. The airline understands that travel plans can sometimes be unpredictable, and thus, Iberia’s customer service team is dedicated to providing support and solutions promptly. Whether you have a query about your booking, need to modify your itinerary, or require any assistance during your trip, the customer service representatives are just a call or message away.

2. 24/7 Assistance

Iberia Airlines recognizes that travel operates around the clock, and so does its customer service. Regardless of the time zone or the hour of the day, passengers can reach out to Iberia’s customer service at any time. This round-the-clock availability ensures that travelers receive timely and efficient assistance, regardless of their location or travel emergencies.

3. Multilingual Support

As an international airline, Iberia caters to passengers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Understanding the importance of effective communication, the customer service team is proficient in multiple languages. Whether you speak English, Spanish, French, German, or any other language, you can expect to interact with a representative who can understand and address your queries in your preferred language.

4. Pre-Travel Guidance

Iberia’s customer service isn’t limited to just addressing issues during travel; it also extends its support before the journey begins. Passengers can seek guidance on various travel-related matters, such as baggage allowance, visa requirements, special assistance requests, and more. This pre-travel assistance ensures that passengers are well-informed and prepared for a smooth travel experience.

5. Real-Time Flight Updates

Flight delays and schedule changes can be inconvenient, but Iberia’s customer service keeps passengers informed in real-time. In case of any changes to the flight itinerary, the airline proactively notifies passengers through email, SMS, or the Iberia mobile app. This proactive approach helps travelers adjust their plans accordingly and reduces the stress associated with unforeseen disruptions.

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6. Resolving In-Flight Issues

Should any issues arise during the flight, such as problems with in-flight entertainment systems or other amenities, passengers can approach the cabin crew for assistance. The trained and attentive staff onboard Iberia flights work in tandem with the customer service team on the ground to ensure that any in-flight concerns are addressed promptly.

7. Post-Travel Support

Iberia’s customer service commitment doesn’t end when the flight lands. For any post-travel feedback, complaints, or follow-up inquiries, passengers can reach out to the customer service team, and they will be happy to assist. Valuable feedback from customers helps Iberia continually improve its services and enhance the overall travel experience.

8. Social Media Engagement

Recognizing the significance of social media as a communication platform, Iberia Airlines actively engages with its customers on various social media channels. Travelers can connect with the airline via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, receiving quick responses to their questions or concerns. This digital engagement further strengthens Iberia’s commitment to transparent and accessible customer service.

9. Going Above and Beyond

What sets Iberia’s customer service apart is its willingness to go above and beyond for its passengers. From surprising frequent flyers with thoughtful gestures to resolving complex issues with efficiency and empathy, the airline’s dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

How Do I Contact Iberia by Phone? Your Comprehensive Guide

If you are planning a trip with Iberia Airlines or have any queries related to your existing reservation, contacting the airline’s customer service by phone is a convenient and efficient way to seek assistance. Whether you need to modify your flight, inquire about baggage policies, or address any other travel-related concerns, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of reaching Iberia by phone, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Why Contact Iberia by Phone?

Iberia Airlines offers a variety of customer support channels, including email, social media, and online forms. However, contacting the airline by phone has several advantages:

  1. Real-Time Interaction: Speaking with a customer service representative over the phone allows for instant communication and quick resolutions to your queries or issues.
  2. Personalized Assistance: A phone call enables you to receive personalized assistance tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Complex Inquiries: If your concern requires detailed explanation or involves multiple aspects of your travel, a phone call is often the best way to address it comprehensively.
  4. Immediate Feedback: If you have feedback or complaints, a phone call ensures that your voice is heard promptly.

How to Contact Iberia by Phone

Follow these steps to contact Iberia Airlines by phone:

Step 1: Find the Correct Phone Number

Before making the call, ensure that you have the correct phone number for your specific query or location. Iberia Airlines has dedicated phone lines for different types of inquiries, such as reservations, customer service, and Iberia Plus (loyalty program) support.

Step 2: Check Operating Hours

Iberia’s customer service operates 24/7, but it’s essential to verify the operating hours of the specific department you wish to contact. If you are calling from a different time zone, consider the time difference to ensure you call during their business hours.

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Step 3: Prepare Necessary Information

To expedite the process, have all relevant information ready before making the call. This may include your booking reference, flight details, personal identification, and any specific questions or concerns you wish to address.

Step 4: Dial the Number

Using your phone, dial the appropriate Iberia customer service number. Listen carefully to the automated menu options and select the one that best matches your inquiry. If you are unsure, you can usually press a number for general assistance or to speak with an agent.

Step 5: Speak with a Customer Service Representative

Once connected to an agent, introduce yourself and state your query clearly and concisely. Be courteous and patient during the conversation, as the representative will work diligently to assist you with your concern.

Step 6: Follow the Guidance

The customer service representative will guide you through the process of addressing your query. They may offer solutions, provide information, or take necessary actions to help you with your request.

Step 7: Confirm and Take Notes

Before ending the call, ensure that you fully understand the solutions or actions discussed with the representative. If necessary, take notes on any important details provided during the conversation for future reference.

Other Customer Support Channels

While contacting Iberia by phone is an efficient option, the airline also offers alternative customer support channels for your convenience:

  1. Email Support: Send an email to Iberia’s customer service team with your inquiries or feedback.
  2. Social Media: Reach out to Iberia Airlines through their official social media channels for assistance.
  3. Iberia Website: Visit the official Iberia Airlines website and explore the “Contact Us” section for online assistance.

When seeking prompt and personalized assistance with your Iberia Airlines-related queries, contacting the airline by phone is a reliable and effective option. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can connect with Iberia’s customer service and receive the support you need to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.


Iberia Airlines has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of aviation. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global player, the airline’s journey is a testament to human innovation and the desire to connect people across borders. As Spain’s flag carrier, Iberia Airlines holds a special place in the hearts of millions of travelers worldwide, and its legacy will continue to soar to new heights in the years to come.

Iberia Airlines has earned a stellar reputation for its customer service, making it an airline of choice for millions of travelers worldwide. The airline’s commitment to putting customers first, offering 24/7 assistance, multilingual support, and personalized care sets a benchmark for the aviation industry. With Iberia’s customer service as your travel companion, you can embark on your journeys with confidence, knowing that support is just a call away.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When was Iberia Airlines founded? Iberia Airlines was founded in 1927 as “Iberia, Compañía Aérea de Transportes.”

2. How did Iberia Airlines expand globally? Iberia Airlines expanded globally through strategic partnerships and codeshare agreements with other international carriers.

3. What is Iberia Plus? Iberia Plus is the loyalty program of Iberia Airlines, offering passengers rewards and benefits based on their travel activity.

4. Does Iberia Airlines prioritize sustainability? Yes, Iberia Airlines has taken various sustainable initiatives to reduce its environmental impact.

5. How has Iberia Airlines contributed to the aviation industry? Iberia Airlines has contributed to the aviation industry through technological advancements, global connectivity, and exceptional customer service.

6. How can I contact Iberia’s customer service? You can reach Iberia’s customer service through their official website, phone, email, or social media channels.

7. Is Iberia’s customer service available 24/7? Yes, Iberia’s customer service operates 24/7 to assist passengers anytime, anywhere.

8. Can I seek pre-travel assistance from Iberia’s customer service? Absolutely! Iberia’s customer service provides pre-travel guidance on various travel-related matters.

9. What languages does Iberia’s customer service support? Iberia’s customer service is proficient in multiple languages to cater to a diverse range of passengers.

10. How does Iberia handle in-flight issues? For in-flight issues, passengers can approach the cabin crew, who work in coordination with the ground customer service team to resolve any concerns.

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