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Fido Customer Service Number

Fido Customer Service Number

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Weekdays: 8am to 9pm
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Official Website: Fido

Fido is a Canadian mobile network operator that provides wireless voice, data, and SMS services to customers across the country. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. It is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies.

Services offered:

Fido offers a range of mobile plans and services to its customers, including:

  1. Voice Plans – Fido offers various voice plans that include unlimited Canada-wide calling, voicemail, call display, and call waiting.
  2. Data Plans – Fido offers various data plans that include different amounts of data, ranging from 2GB to 15GB per month. The data plans also include unlimited Canada-wide calling and text messaging.
  3. Prepaid Plans – Fido offers prepaid plans that allow customers to pay for their usage in advance. Prepaid plans offer a fixed amount of data, calling minutes, and text messages.
  4. Device Financing – Fido offers device financing options, allowing customers to purchase a new phone with a down payment and then make monthly payments over a set period.
  5. Roaming and Travel Packs – Fido offers roaming and travel packs that allow customers to use their devices while travelling outside of Canada.
  6. Other Services – Fido also offers various other services, including international calling and texting, device protection plans, and mobile internet.
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Network Coverage:

Fido operates on a nationwide network that covers over 97% of Canada’s population. The network supports 4G LTE data speeds, and Fido also offers access to 5G in select areas.

Customer Support:

Fido offers customer support through various channels, including online chat, phone support, and social media. Customers can also manage their accounts and services through the Fido app and website.

Fido is a popular mobile network operator in Canada, offering a range of mobile plans and services, competitive pricing, and nationwide network coverage.

Why Do People Call On Fido Customer Service Department?

People may call Fido’s customer service department for a variety of reasons related to their mobile services, including:

  1. Billing and Account Inquiries – Customers may have questions or concerns about their billing, such as charges or fees they don’t understand or need help with setting up automatic payments or making a payment.
  2. Technical Support – Customers may encounter technical issues with their devices or services, such as connectivity or network issues, dropped calls, slow data speeds, or issues with their mobile plan.
  3. Upgrades and Changes to Their Plan or Service – Customers may want to upgrade their phone or plan, add additional services, or make changes to their account, such as changing their address or updating their payment information.
  4. Roaming and International Services – Customers may have questions about using their device or services while traveling internationally, such as roaming charges, data usage, or coverage.
  5. General Inquiries and Feedback – Customers may have general inquiries about Fido’s services or want to provide feedback on their experience with the company.
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Fido’s customer service department is available to assist customers with a wide range of questions and concerns related to their mobile services, providing support and assistance to ensure a positive experience.

How to Contact Fido Customer Care Department?

There are several ways to contact Fido’s customer care department, including:

  1. Phone: Customers can call Fido’s customer service at 1-888-481-3436. This line is available 24/7, and customers can speak with a representative to get assistance with their questions or concerns.
  2. Live Chat: Customers can chat with a Fido representative online by visiting the Fido website and clicking on the “Chat” button at the bottom of the page. Live chat is available 24/7.
  3. Social Media: Customers can send a message to Fido’s social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. Fido’s social media team is available to assist customers with their questions or concerns.
  4. Fido App: Customers can manage their account, view their bill, and access customer service through the Fido app, which is available for download on the App Store or Google Play.
  5. In-person: Customers can visit a Fido store or kiosk to speak with a representative in person. Fido has retail locations across Canada where customers can get assistance with their questions or concerns.

Overall, Fido offers several ways for customers to contact their customer care department and get the help they need to resolve any issues or concerns with their mobile services.