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Hostinger Customer Service Number

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Hostinger is a web hosting and domain company that was founded in 2004. It provides hosting services to more than 29 million customers in 178 countries. Hostinger has a global presence with data centers located in the USA, Europe, and Asia, providing fast and reliable hosting services to their customers.

Hostinger Hosting Products and Services

Hostinger provides a range of hosting services including shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and domain registration. Shared hosting plans are the most popular among its customers, offering affordable prices with various features such as a free domain, SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and email accounts.

Hostinger’s cloud hosting provides an excellent platform for those who require scalable hosting services. It offers high-performance cloud hosting with a simple and intuitive control panel. The WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress websites and comes with pre-installed WordPress, free SSL, and daily backups.

Hostinger’s VPS hosting is designed for businesses and individuals who require dedicated resources and complete control over their hosting environment. It offers fast SSD storage, a dedicated IP, and full root access. Hostinger’s domain registration services allow customers to register a domain name for their website, and they offer over 500 domain extensions to choose from.

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Hostinger’s WordPress hosting service is specifically optimized for WordPress websites, ensuring optimal performance, security, and ease of use. The company offers three different WordPress hosting plans to choose from, namely Single WordPress, WordPress Starter, and WordPress Business.

Hostinger’s customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, email, and a ticketing system. They have a knowledge base that includes articles, tutorials, and FAQs, which can help customers to troubleshoot issues and learn more about their hosting services.

Overall, Hostinger is a reliable and affordable hosting provider with a wide range of hosting services to suit the needs of different customers. Its user-friendly interface, fast loading speeds, and reliable uptime make it a popular choice among website owners.

Hostinger Domain Products and Services

Hostinger offers a range of domain registration products and services to help customers find and register their domain names. Some of the key features and services of Hostinger’s domain products include:

  1. Domain Registration: Hostinger allows customers to search for and register domain names with a wide range of extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .co, .io, and many more. They offer affordable prices for domain registrations and have a user-friendly interface to manage domain settings.
  2. Domain Transfer: Hostinger makes it easy to transfer domains from other registrars to their platform. Customers can transfer their domain name to Hostinger and enjoy affordable renewal prices and management tools.
  3. Domain Renewal: Hostinger sends reminders to customers before their domain name expires, allowing them to renew their domain registration before it expires.
  4. Domain Privacy: Hostinger offers domain privacy services to help customers protect their personal information from being publicly available in the WHOIS database.
  5. Premium Domains: Hostinger offers a range of premium domain names for sale, which are typically short, easy to remember, and highly desirable.
  6. Domain Auctions: Hostinger also offers domain auctions where customers can bid on expired domain names that are being sold.
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Hostinger’s domain registration products and services are affordable and user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that allows customers to manage their domains easily. They also offer excellent customer support to help customers with any issues they may encounter while registering or managing their domain names.

How To Contact Hostinger Customer Service Department?

Hostinger’s customer service department can be contacted in several ways:

  1. Live Chat: Hostinger offers 24/7 live chat support. Customers can access the live chat feature by clicking the “Live Chat” button in the bottom right-hand corner of their website.
  2. Email Support: Customers can also contact Hostinger’s customer support team by sending an email at the given email ids. Hostinger aims to respond to all emails within 24 hours.
  3. Ticketing System: Hostinger also has a ticketing system that customers can use to submit support requests. This system can be accessed by logging into the customer area on Hostinger’s website and selecting “Support” from the menu.
  4. Knowledge Base: Hostinger’s knowledge base contains articles, tutorials, and FAQs that customers can use to troubleshoot issues or learn more about Hostinger’s services. The knowledge base can be accessed by clicking the “Help” button in the top right-hand corner of the Hostinger website.

Overall, Hostinger provides multiple channels for customers to contact their customer service department and receive assistance with any issues they may encounter. The live chat feature provides fast and efficient support, while the ticketing system and email support offer alternative options for customers who prefer to communicate through writing.