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What Is Customer Service?

What is customer service
What is customer service
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Today we are going to discuss what is customer service in this article. Well, friends, we will be covering 12 chapters under customer service. And I can guarantee you that it’s going to be a lot of fun to learn about customer service. So let’s get started on the module on customer service.

Table of Content

Introduction of Customer Service

Well on the agenda today we have to understand the meaning of customer service. We will also understand the reason why customer service is an important understanding of what exactly incorporates our customer experience. We’ll understand what is customer satisfaction also understanding why is customer satisfaction important. Last but not least we will also talk about the reasons why customer service is so rare nowadays.

Well, friends if I have to make you understand what exactly is customer service. Well, the definition of customer service is the act of taking care of your customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional helpful high-quality and assistance before during and after they have purchased your product or service. We’re friends today customer service is the most important things. What organizations look for as well as customers look for from a particular act on customer service.

Why Customer Service Is Important?

Friends understand 10 reasons why customer service is very very important and imperative reason. Number one is that customer retention is far less expensive than customer acquisition. Which means that it is better to have your customers retain with you rather than going out and getting new customers. It’s always more expensive to get more customers or new customers. Reason number two is that existing customers are more likely to buy from you than your new customers. So your old customers always need you and trust you more than your new customer.

Point number three or reason number three is great customer service results in a reduction of overall problems. When customers really trust you and want to buy from you there is like to be fewer problems. Reason number four is that excellent customer service improves public persona and strengthens your brand. Well, friends today everyone wants to buy from a brand nobody wants to buy non-branded things. And how you stand out in your customer service in terms of your persona. Customers are likely to buy from you.

Reason number five, if you are more likely to retain your customers for longer if you are able to provide them with good customer service. Reason number six is that word of mouth advertising or publicity is the best kind which even money cannot buy. So, go out and talk to your customers and let your customers talk about your brand, to their friends and relatives. Reason number seven is that it improves employee turnover in your business. Your employees are likely to stay with you for a longer period of time. If you are able to provide good customer service.

Reason number eight is that great customer service opens the door for new partnerships as well as other opportunities. Well if you are doing well in your business by providing good customer services. A lot of people are likely to do business with you. Reason number nine is that it elongates the life of any business. Reason number ten is that it conveys a strong moral value and beliefs in the company’s mission. People are likely to be with you for a longer period of time and also value you, your vision and mission as well. If you are able to provide good customer service.

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Well, friends now let’s understand, what exactly is a customer experience well a customer experience encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering. The quality of the customer care of course but also the advertising packaging delivery everything. So, basically what we are trying to say is that not only your product and service but a customer’s interaction with your company. With regards to everything after the purchase also makes them have a good customer service experience.

What Is Customer Satisfaction?

Now let’s understand what is customer satisfaction really well. Customer satisfaction is a marketing term that measures, how products or services supplied by a company meet or surpasses a customer’s expectation. You know a customer, who’s satisfied a customer has had a Wow customer experience is more likely to stay with you for a longer period of time. It’s everything that you do for your customers. It’s not only the bigger things but the small things that really touch a customer’s heart are, what customer satisfaction is all about to let’s understand a bit on satisfaction. Understanding what customers require what your customers expect.

You should always give to your customers according to, what they require and what they expect determining quality in comparison to competitors. Well, customers nowadays are very very are knowledgeable about everything you know. So they will definitely compare your product and services with a competitor product and service. And they’re likely to you know go for whichever. They perform developing services and products and lastly examining the trends and acting about the findings of those actions. That they’ve taken.

So basically what we’re trying to say is that customers are not somebody whom you can fool nowadays. They are so aware of everything that’s happening around them. And as a company as an employer, it’s important to know. What exactly are the new trends in the market? So that you are able to really go out and satisfy your customers.

Why Customer Service So Rare?

Well, friends let’s understand why is excellent customer service so rare nowadays. Why do we see that people all around us are not really happy with the way, services are being given out well.

There are three main reasons why customer service has become such a rare phenomenon. Reason number one is that employees don’t know, the basics of what it takes to create and keep your customers well. One small negative feedback from a customer can really break the brand value, can really break the reputation of your organization. Hence it’s very important that employees are aware of what exactly do the customers want. What do they need how to keep your customers happy etc.

Well, reason number two is that the moment of truth those crucial points of customer contact. That can make or break a business are not being properly identified unmanaged. You know friends there is something which is known as a vow moment for a customer. There is something which is known as a moment of truth for our customers it is that experience. Which your customer has with your brand, which will either make him make a good impression or break a good impression of your company. And employees and you know the people, on the other hand really need to know what these moments of truth are.

Well, reason number three why customer service is so rare is that the reward system meaning quite simply excellent service is rare. Because most of the managers fail to reward workers for giving excellent customer service. When was the last time, you really hurt somebody got a reward or a recognition because he or she had provided good customer services to his customer? Well nowadays if you do not reward people, do not recognize them for the good work that they’ve done for a customer. Nobody is likely to stay with you. Employees don’t feel like putting in the kind of effort to really give a vow customer service.

Nine Tips For Excellent Customer Service

Well, friends, I’m going to now share with you, nine tips on how to give excellent customer service to your customers. If you know a product or better service be it, whatever how to really go out of your way and give excellent customer services.

The first one is smiling, it is very important whenever you’re greeting a customer you need to have a bright smile on your face. Customers don’t like looking at people who have a frowning face or a sad face.

The second thing is to be proactive and ask how you may be of service well customers really like it. When you take the initiative and be proactive stay visible and available. But don’t hover around, if you stay near a customer but at the same time don’t cling on to them, because people like to have their own space. When they are shopping so always be around but don’t be too close to your customers. Never judge a book by it’s cover all customers deserve attention regardless of the age or the experience.

How many times has it happened that we see somebody good-looking or we see somebody, who looks decent and polished and classy and we give them a good service? But somebody who walks into a store who looks little worn out and torn and tattered clothes etc. We don’t really give them that much attention. Well, friends never judge a book by its cover. The next is to leave food and beverages in the break room, never eat anything or drink anything in front of customers.

It is bad customer service learn to read body language to see if the customer can use some help, always try to read what a customer wants by looking at their actions. Because action speaks louder than words, make any personal calls when you are on a break and out of the earshot of the customer, don’t pick up your phone in front of customers. I think that’s a very rude way of behaving don’t let chatty customers monopolize your time.

If others are waiting and that’s very essential because sometimes customers just love to talk and you cannot give them, all of your time and have the other customers waiting for you. Never discuss customers in front of other customers. It’s very essential to keep confidentiality, whenever you are talking to customers, as you could do the same for them talk behind you the back of your customers is the worst thing you can do for customers. Friends that were 9 tips for excellent customer services.

Well, friends that bring us to the end of this beautiful module on customer service. Well, we have understood what customer service is all about. How important it is to give good service to your customers. What is customer satisfaction how to keep your customers happy and also understanding why customer service has become so rare? I do hope you have enjoyed reading to this particular module keep reading more articles coming your way.

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