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ICICI Bank Customer Care Number

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number
ICICI Bank Customer Care Number
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ICICI Bank Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 1800-200-3344

Type of Organization: Bank

Name of Organization: ICICI Bank

Website: Official Website

ICICI Bank Customer Care Numbers

ICICI Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 1800 200 3344

Timings: All Customer Care Representatives – 9 AM – 6 PM from Mon-Fri

Targeted Customer Care Numbers From All India

Customers of ICICI bank can contact with customer care department for targeted banking type customer services. ICICI Bank customer service department is very strong and can handle customers very efficiently. Their contact numbers are mentioned here:

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Private Banking and Wealth: 1800-103-8181
Private banking customer: 1860 120 3399
Phone Banking: 040 7140 3333
Corporate, Retail Institutional, Banking Business: 1860 120 6699
Personal Banking: 1860 120 7777

Missed Call Base Customer Care From All India

ICICI Bank customer care department has provided customer care number for missed call services. Customers from the whole of India can use this number for the last three transactions and account balance.

Missed call service for last three transactions: 9594 613 613
Missed call service for account balance: 9594 612 612
Get assistance on call- by missed call: 92222 99998

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number For SMS Service

SMS Service: 92222 08888
SMS to Non-financial transaction: 92156 76766

NRI Phone Banking Services

ICICI bank customer care Number is available for the NRI phone banking services. The NRI banking services number is +914071403333

Personal Banking

Personal banking is related to individual banking services. Various banks offer many products and services related to personal banking like a credit card, debit card, home loan, auto loan etc. In this regard, ICICI bank has provided customer care number for the help of their customers. Customers can call this number for credit card and other queries.

1860 120 7777

Personal Banking – For Selected Cities Numbers

India is a big county with a lot of big cities and a huge market place for any company or bank. This country has a vast number of customers so that these customers put a lot of load on the customer service department of any company. ICICI customer care department provided separate numbers for big cities all around India. These numbers are given below:

Chennai 044 33667777
Delhi 011 33667777
Kolkata 033 33667777
Mumbai 022 33667777

IVR System Menu – Select option as per your requirements
Press 0- Card Block, Cards unblock, Stolen and Missings Cards
Press 1- For account statement
Press 2- For Prepaid card Or Credit card
Press 3- Home Financing, demat account and Loans
Press 4- Status of Your Account application
Press 5- Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana (PPMJJY)

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is a very fast, comfortable, reliable and secure way of banking. ICICI bank offers Internet Banking for its customers.

SMS Banking

SMS banking is a very easy way of banking because in SMS banking services the customer does not need for smartphone or data plans of internet. It has a very limited domain of services like bill payments, recharge prepaid services and all these services customers can avail just send SMS.

  • To check account balance of your account just send an SMS as “IBAL” to 9215 676 766 or 5676 766 and account balance details will be sent to you by the bank.
  • To get details regarding the last three transactions just send an SMS as “ITRAN” at 9215 676 766 Or 5676 766 and last three transaction details will be sent on your number.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Email ID

Email customer service is a very easy and secure method for customers from anywhere around the world. Email service is very documented and for this reason, ICICI bank customer service team has provided this email customer.care@icicibank.com.

Corporate, Business, Retail Institutional Banking

Corporate, Bustiness and retail institutional banking services are very sensitive due to the business need of every customer. For this purpose ICICI customer care department offers different numbers for big cities with a very reliable customer service team.

Chennai 044 33446699
Delhi 011 33446699
Kolkata 033 33446699
Mumbai 022 33446699

Missed Call Service

Missed call customer service is very comfortable when customers are busy. Customers just send a missed call on the ICICI bank customer care number and when customer care representative will be free he or she will call the customer for help.

  • To check the account balance of your account, customers can give a missed call on this number 9594 612 612.
  • To check the last three transactions of the bank account, the customer can give a missed call on this number 9594 613 613.

Recharge Services

ICICI bank offer recharge facility to his customer. It will give full control of banking needs on the fingertips of customers. They can get a mobile top-up from the bank with just on SMS. This service is available for prepaid mobile customers, broadband customers and DTH customers. All those customers who are using these services can avail this service.

Prepaid Mobile Recharge Service
Customer can send SMS to 9222208888 from your registered mobile number and
MTOPUP 10-digit mobile number then Recharge amount with last 6 digits
of customer ICICI Bank Account Number
Broadband Recharge
Customer can send SMS to 9222208888 from customer registered mobile number
MTOPUP Broadband number. Name of Operator then Recharge Amount with last 6 digits
of your ICICI Bank Account Number
DTH Recharge
Customer can send SMS to 9222208888 from customer registered mobile number
DTH Subscriber’s ID, Name of Operator, Recharge Amount with Last 6 digits of
customer ICICI Bank Account Number.

Unresolved Query

If customer want to report his grievance with ICICI customer care team they can do it by dialling ICICI customer care toll-free number: 1800 200 3344

During reporting your grievance to give the Service Request Number (numeric digits only) which is not more than TWO months old.

Timing: 9 AM – 6 PM from Monday to Friday

Other State Customer Care Number

ICICI customer care department divides a load of customer care at different cities and states. They have provided separate customer care numbers for different cities and states. Following numbers are given below:

Cities States
Ahmedabad: 079 3366 7777 Andhra Pradesh: 7306667777
Bangalore: 080 3366 7777 Assam: 986466 7777
Bhopal: 0755 3366 777 Bihar: 810266 7777
Bhubaneswar: 0674 3366 777 Chattisgarh: 909866 7777
Chandigarh: 0172 3366 777 Goa: 902166 7777
Chennai: 044 3366 7777 Gujarat: 800066 7777
Dehradun: 0135 3366 777 Harayana: 901766 7777
Delhi: 011 3366 7777 Himachal Pradesh: 981766 7777
Ernakulam: 0484 33 66 777 Jammu & Kashmir: 901866 7777
Gurgaon: 0124 3366 777 Jharkhand: 810266 7777
Hyderabad : 040 3366 7777 Karnataka: 808866 7777
Jaipur: 0141 3366 777 Kerala: 902066 7777
Kolkata: 033 3366 7777 Madhya Pradesh: 909866 7777
Lucknow: 0522 3366 777 Maharashtra: 902166 7777
Mumbai: 022 3366 7777 Orissa: 969266 7777
Panaji: 0832 3366 777 Punjab: 730766 7777
Patna: 0612 3366 777 Rajasthan: 787766 7777
Raipur: 0771 3366 777 TamilNadu: 730566 7777
Ranchi: 0651 3366 777 Telangana: 730666 7777
Shimla: 0177 3366 777 Uttar Pradesh: 808166 7777
West Bengal: 810 166 7777 Uttarakhand: 808 166 7777

Corporate, Business and Retail Institutional Banking

Corporate, Business and retail customers of ICICI bank from all India can contact with customer care team to solve their queries on this number. 1860 120 6699

Other State Customer Care Number

To enhance the customer care needs of ICICI bank customer the customer care department has divided the customer care department. Cities and state wise customer care department established to meet the customers demands at local level. In this regard, ICICI bank customer care numbers are provided.

Cities States Ahmedabad: 079 33 446699 Andhra Pradesh: 7306 446699
Bangalore: 080 33 446699 Assam: 8822 446699
Bhopal: 0755 33 44669 Bihar: 8102 446699
Bhubaneswar: 067433 4669 Chattisgarh: 7879 446699
Chandigarh: 0172 33 44669 Goa: 7304 446699
Chennai: 044 33 446699 Gujarat: 8690 446699
Dehradun: 0135 33 44669 Harayana: 9541 446699
Delhi: 011 33 446699 Himachal Pradesh: 9625 446699
Ernakulam: 0484 33 44669 Jammu & Kashmir: 9018 446699
Gurgaon: 0124 33 44669 Jharkhand: 8102 446699
Hyderabad: 040 33 446699 Karnataka: 9019 446699
Jaipur: 0141 33 44669 Kerala: 8590 446699
Kolkata: 033 33 446699 Madhya Pradesh: 7879 446699
Lucknow: 0522 33 44669 Maharashtra: 730 4446699
Mumbai: 022 33 446699 Orissa: 9778 446699
Panaji: 0832 33 44669 Punjab: 9023 446699
Patna: 0612 33 44669 Rajasthan: 9529 446699
Raipur: 0771 33 44669 TamilNadu: 8695 446699
Ranchi: 0651 33 44669 Telangana: 7306 446699
Shimla: 0177 33 44669 Uttar Pradesh: 8303 446699
West Bengal: 9641 446699 Uttarakhand: 8303 446699

ICICI Bank Private and Wealth Banking

ICICI bank has provided toll-free number for private and wealth banking customers. Customers from all India can on this ICICI bank toll-free number 1800 103 8181.

Moreover, to facilitate the customers at the local level in their native language customer care department provided state and cities wise numbers.

Assam: 9864443399 Andhra Pradesh: 7306443399
Bihar: 8102443399 Patna: 06123344339
Chattisgarh: 8103443399 Raipur: 07713344339
Goa: 7304443399 Panaji: 08323344339
Gujarat: 8306443399 Ahmedabad: 07933443399
Haryana: 9017443399 Gurgaon: 01243344339
Himachal Pradesh: 9817443399 Shimla: 01773344339
Jammu & Kashmir: 9018443399
Jharkhand: 8102443399 Ranchi: 06513344339
Karnataka: 8088443399 Bangalore: 08033443399
Kerala: 9020443399 Ernakulam: 04843344339
Madhya Pradesh: 8103443399 Bhopal: 07553344339
Maharashtra: 7304443399 Mumbai: 02233443399
Orissa: 7735443399 Bhubaneswar: 06743344339
Punjab: 7307443399 Chandigarh: 01723344339
Rajasthan: 8955443399 Jaipur: 01413344339
TamilNadu: 9025443399 Chennai: 04433443399
Telangana: 7306443399 Hyderabad: 04033443399
Uttar Pradesh: 8303443399 Lucknow: 05223344339
Uttarakhand: 8303443399 Dehradun: 01353344339
West Bengal: 9832443399 Kolkata: 03333443399

Update Contact Information In Bank Data

If the customers want to update their contact information which is provided before like mailing address, cell phone number, email id, office phone number and office address. Then customers can update in the following ways.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number
ICICI Bank has provided this customer care toll-free number 1800 200 3344 for contact details updates.

Postal Service For Address Update
ICICI Bank Limited,
RPC Mumbai,
5th Floor, A-Wing, Autumn Estates
Chandivali Farm Road, Chandivali
Land Mark: Next to Chandivali Studio, Opp MHADA
Mumbai- 400072,India

Credit Card User
Customers must enter their Credit Card Number with registered cell phone number to receive their User ID.

Generate Online Password Or Forgot Password
If a user wants to generate an online password or forget the password then enter their user id and their registered cell phone number to get a new password.

Debit Card User
If Debit card customers want to receive their User Id from ICICI bank they send debit card Number. (OR) account number and their registered cell phone number to receive your User ID

ICICI Bank Customer Care SMS Service

ICICI bank customer care department has provided SMS service for its customers. If customers want to use this service they must follow the specified SMS format.

Credit Card SMS Customer Care

Credit card customer care provides a very specific format for the services of their customers. Customers of a credit card can get very targeted help from this service with a specified format.

Services Format
Payment Due Date IPDDCC (space) Last 6 Digits of Credit Card
Balance Enquiry IBALCC (space) Last 6 Digits of Credit Card
Last Payment ILPCC (space) Last 6 Digits of Credit Card
Reward Points IRPCC (space) Last 6 Digits of Credit Card

Other Services

Customer Care Services SMS Format
Status of Requested Service SR<space>Service Request Number
ATM Location ATM<space>PINCODE
Bank@HomeDropBox Location BHOME<space>PINCODE
Internet Banking Transaction OTP IBOTP

NRI Banking

Many people of India are living abroad for study, business, holiday etc and they are maintaining their account in Indian banks in India. So that if they want to get help or want to solve their query they can directly call on ICICI bank customer care NRI Numbers.

Personal, Wealth and Private Banking: +91-40-7140 3333

Corporate, Business and Retail Institutional Banking: +91-22-3344 6699

ICICI Bank Customer Care Call Services For NRI

ICICI bank provided customer care toll-free numbers for the support of their customers worldwide on these toll-free numbers.

For the United States of America, Customers call on this toll-free number 18664242448

For United Kingdom customers, a toll-free number is 0 8081 314 151

From Singapore, the customers can call on this toll-free number 800 101 2553

Customers from Canada can call on the toll-free number on 18664242448

From Australia ICICI Bank customers can call on toll-free number 0011-800-0424-2448

Customers From Europe
Belgium 00-800-0424-2448
Finland 990-800-0424-2448
France 00-800-0424-2448
Germany 00-800-0424-2448
Ireland 00-800-0424-2448
Italy 00-800-0424-2448
Luxembourg 0080004242448
Netherlands 00-800-0424-2448
Portugal 00-800-0424-2448
Spain 00-800-0424-2448

UAE NRI customers can call on this toll-free number 8000 9114 001.

Bahrain customer can call on this 800 04 877 customer care toll-free number.

When NRIs Available in India
When NRI’s available in India then they can call on ICICI bank customer care number for assistance 1800-102-5600.

Non-Toll Free Numbers
ICICI Bank customer care non-toll free numbers are also available for NRI’s from any country. They can also call on this number 91-40-3099 8025.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Numbers in Other Offices

ICICI Bank customer care numbers have provided for customers to solve their problems at the local level. They can contact on these numbers from their relevant country.

Bahrain + 973 17 576 161.

Hong Kong +852-22342651/ +852- 22342655

Sri Lanka + 94 11 4242448

Russia + 7 495 981 4988

Request a Call From ICICI Customer Care Representative

If you are busy but you have a query regarding ICICI Bank then you can request a call. When you submit the request to the customer care department. Then ICICI bank customer care phone banking representative will call you back within the next 15 minutes from this number +91-4040661850.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Email For NRI

Email service has a very reliable and secure customer service tool for customers. It’s a very documented way of communication. If ICICI bank NRI customer has any query then they can contact ICICI customer care email at nri@icicibank.com.

ICICI Bank Overseas Branches Worldwide

ICICI Bank has many branches in different countries and their cities. All overseas branches of ICICI bank have their own customer care department. Their physical address, telephone numbers and Fax numbers are given below:

Bahrain Branch Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Ltd.
Manama Centre,
Manama Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel:+ 973 17 576 161
Fax: + 973 17 221 200

Bangladesh Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Ltd.,
12th floor, Unique Trade Center (UTC Building),
8 Panthapath,
Dhaka -1215
Tel: +8802 8155392
+880 28155 409
Fax: +8802 8143424

Canada Subsidiary Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Canada
Don Valley Business Park
150 Ferrand Drive,
Suite 700,
Toronto, ON M3C 3E5
Tel: + 1 416 360 0909
Fax: + 1 647 436 1178

China Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Ltd.
RM 2585, 25/F, Wheelock Square,
1717 Nanjing West Road,
Jingan District,
Shanghai 200 040,
Tel: + 86 21 61575169 / 70
Fax: + 86 21 61575388

Dubai Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Ltd.,
Suite No. 404,
The Business Centre Building,
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street,
Near Burjuman,
P O Box: 28758,
Dubai, U.A.E.
Toll-Free Number: + 8000 9114 001
Fax: + 971 4 396 6994

Abu Dhabi Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Ltd.,
No.107-108, Al Otaiba Towers,
Mashreq Bank-Siemens Building, Electra Street,
P O Box: 31276,
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Toll-Free Number: 8000 9114 001
Fax: +971 2 622 8410

Hong Kong Customer Care Representative Office
Unit 1504B-1505,
Level 15, International Commerce Centre,
1 Austin Road West,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: + (852) 2234 2651/2234 2655
Fax: + (852) 2234 7613

Singapore Branch Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Ltd.
9 Raffles Place,
50-01 Republic Plaza,
Singapore- 048619
Tel: + 65 6723 9288
Fax: + 65 6723 9268

South Africa Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Limited
3rd floor, West Building,
88, Stella Street,
Sandown, Sandton,
Johannesburg 2196
PO Box 78261,
Sandton, Johannesburg 2146
Tel: +27 11 6767800
Fax: +27 11 7839748

Sri Lanka Customer Care Representative Office
ICICI Bank Ltd.
58, Dharmapala Mawatha,
Colombo 07,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: + 94 11 4242448

UK Subsidiary Customer Care Representative Office
(In UK ICICI Bank have many branches So for a list of branches in UK customers must visit the UK Subsidiary website for further information)

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